any problem to use business contact manager in small business serv



  • 1. When I go to open an opportnity in BCM 2003 outlooks shuts down
    The opportunity dialogue box opens in BCM 2003 and then I recieve the MS encountered a problem and must close. Any one have any suggestions? -- Bo
  • 2. updating a BCM Contact from imported list
    Once contacts are in BCM07, can other files be imported that will update not duplicate these contacts? e.g. Only names and addresses are in BCM. A .csv file contacts, a list of spouses, birthday, etc. The new list will update those fields in the contact record. Thanks
  • 3. Export contacts in Business Contact Manager 2007
    In Business Contact Manager 2007 if try and export contacts to a CSV file, it only exports one column of information. I've tried exporting with no filters and it creates the CSV with only one column ("Category"). Can anyone else replicate this behavior? I think it is a bug.
  • 4. importing from ACT 6.0
    I downloaded the trial version of 2007. I have always liked Outlook, but the previous versions of BCM were not user friendly, especially since I need many custom fields. I did a trial import of just a few contacts from Act. These were assigned to a group, (not by a rule, but manually). I thought the group would import as a new category, but it did not! So I would have over 1000 names when I imported the full database from Act, and have to regroup them, quite a task! Any way around this?
  • 5. Shared BCM database headache
    I REALLY wish there was a way to have multiple contact databases' open at the same time. Here's why. Our business has a 2 divisions. I manage the contacts in 1 division separate from another. I SHARE 1 of my BCM databases with everyone, but keep the other one private to me. This definitely works just fine, but here's the problems I have. 1. When I get emails, they may arrive from people in either contact database. I have to manually link messages every time I switch databases since a message that arrives from someone in the non-active DB will not automatically link. 2. If I need to send an email to someone that is not in the currently active DB, I have to switch to that DB in order to retrieve their address. It would be SO NICE if there was an option to quickly select the BCM database from the "Show Names" drop down on the email message. Using the "Create/Select DB" option from the Business Tools menu isn't hard, but it can be a pain in the ... Does anyone have any ideas on how I can manage a set of shared contacts separate from my personal contact, but not have to deal with this switching problem? Is any of this "fixed" in 2007?

any problem to use business contact manager in small business serv

Postby dGNoZW4 » Sat, 03 Feb 2007 06:11:01 GMT

Does anyone have problem to use business contact manger in small business 
server 2003? Currently, we have not started to use business contact manger. 
Are there things that I need to watch out before we start to use it? I would 
be very appreciated if someone can let me know.



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