BCM 2007 B2TR language update ?



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    The Business Contact History was working fine for a long time. All of a sudden the entire email inbox for outlook is contained in each of the business contacts in the Business Contact History. How can I get back only the correct business contact history? Thanks.
  • 2. Wish list / feedback
    Probably not the right place for this, but wanted to point out/ ask about the non-persistence of formatting applied to text in the 'Comments' field of a Business Contact/ Account, or any of the RTFs in BCM elements. It's a small pain in the ar*e.
  • 3. Unable to start BCM
    Hi, I have just reinstalled BCM v2 into my Windows 2000 SP4, when I start Outlook 2003, I received lots of error messages but a common message as follows: .Net Framework An unhandled exception has occured in a component. Access is denined: "Accessibility" Keep clicking continue would eventually get rid of all these messages. I am DESPERATE to recover all my database but without access to BCM, it is hopeless. Would someone be able to help me out please? Thank you. Eisen
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    This function does not pick up all the folders in multiple email accounts. EG I have a hotmail account, a msn account and another hosted mail account associated with a web page. All are set to deposit incoming mail into Personal Folder Inbox. Only the latter does this. The others receive incoming mail in their respective inboxes. Autolinking picks up emailin all Inboxes, however some folders, e.g. Sent Mail, do not even appear in the Autolink folder list. In the MSN account the only folder that appears is the Inbox. Help
  • 5. Good Reference Book
    As great a resource as this dscussion group is, sometimes you just need a book to refer to. Any suggestions for a book that addresses the Outlook/Exchange/BCM family? Specifically addressing configuration and modification, but without getting too techie (moderate techie is ok). Thanks

BCM 2007 B2TR language update ?

Postby Steph » Tue, 17 Oct 2006 23:55:27 GMT


Do you have some informations about future relases with another 
languages ? such as French ?


Re: BCM 2007 B2TR language update ?

Postby Leonid S. Knyshov » Wed, 18 Oct 2006 16:27:52 GMT

Sorry, no, but I'll ask if I won't forget. :)
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Re: BCM 2007 B2TR language update ?

Postby Luther » Wed, 18 Oct 2006 21:23:13 GMT

Microsoft expects to send Office 2007 and Vista to the factory in a
couple of weeks, so at this point I wouldn't expect any more betas.


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