Using 'Company Name' in a BCM report!!



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Using 'Company Name' in a BCM report!!

Postby UiBHcmFoYW0 » Thu, 25 Feb 2010 04:04:01 GMT

You should NOT have to export a report just to have the COMPANY name listed.

I have been searching for an answer for a couple days, I have found this 
posted on various sites as far back as 2007.  Come on, it is a standard 
with MANY companies to want to see the Companies Name listed with a 
It is part of that record.

Especially when a report is wanted by a firm's principal, showing a list of 
with our contacts listed below the Company's Name.  We want to see how many 
contacts we have within a given Company.

If the Data is in the record, we should have an option to include that 
'already stored' 
data in a custom report.

I thought BCM / Outlook was going to be better than using ACT, maybe not.

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RE: Using 'Company Name' in a BCM report!!

Postby TGVvbmlkIFMuIEtueXNob3YgLy8gU0JTIEV4cGVydA » Thu, 25 Feb 2010 17:35:01 GMT

I am not sure about doing it as a report, but using a custom group of columns 
should be doable in Outlook.

Can you be more specific?
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