BCM 2007 Contacts Not Integrated With Existing Mobile Phone Contac



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BCM 2007 Contacts Not Integrated With Existing Mobile Phone Contac

Postby RGV2IFVL » Wed, 04 Apr 2007 01:58:03 GMT

1. Installed BCM 2007 For Outlook 2007 on Wndows Vista
2. Created Accounts and Business Contacts in Outlook BCM
3. Installed outlook add-in and BCM software for Windows Mobile device
4. Performed synch.

I can now see my business contacts on my "Windows Mobile 5" phone (HTC P3300 
in this case) if I start the "Business Contacts" application on my 

a) None of the contacts are available using the normal dialling methods on 
my phone (e.g. by opening the pone dialler and starting to type the persons 
name). Instead I have to start the "Business Contacts" application on the 
phone and make the call using that app.

b) If i get a call from one of my busness contacts, their name is not 
displayed on the phone to identify the caller. I therefore cannot easily 
identify missed calls as being from my business contacts, or screen out calls 
that I know i can get back to later.

Both of these points make the synchronized data pretty useless in that it is 
now HARDER to communicate with my business contacts than if they had been 
simple contacts in MS Outlook that had been synchd with the phone.

Anyone have a reasonable solution this this problem?

Re: BCM 2007 Contacts Not Integrated With Existing Mobile Phone Contac

Postby mrtimpeterson via OfficeKB.com » Wed, 04 Apr 2007 02:28:35 GMT


Welcome to the wonderful world of "Seamless integration" as defined by MS BCM!
This problem has existed for far too long of a time and eventually someone
will hopefully notice and prioritize it for change.  The lack of coordination
between some of the departments in Redmond is appalling.  Fortunately, there
is a good 3rd party solution that can help you out. Go to www.chapura.com and
navigate to the Pocket Mirror Professional for Windows Mobile.  This app will
enable you to synch your BCM Business Contacts to your mobile device and yet
retain the Pocket PC Phone dialing features that you are discussing in your
post above.  The current BCM add-in software is about 5 years behind the
times in that it transfers data over to a stand alone Pocket PC but over the
past few years, MOST Pocket PC's are converged Pocket PC "Phone" devices
requiring dialing capability.  Hang in there.  We might actually see a true
integrated solution to this problem before the decade is over!

Best regards,


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