Cant seem to install BCM with Outlook 2007



  • 1. Unblocking A Contact
    Hi, I have blocked messages from one of my contacts in Outlook Express yb error, can aynone tell me how to undo this? I still have messages from that contact in my in box. Thanks so much.
  • 2. Synchronising to a PDA - 2007
    We are using the 2007 suite of Office, including Business Contact Manager. The main database is set up on the office server, and we have several salesmen carrying laptops and PDAs when they are out of the office. We have no problems with the laptops, but now want to look at synchronising BCM to the PDAs. In particular, the iPac PDA using ActiveSync. I can't quite believe what I seem to be reading here, so just wanted to double check by asking the very basic question: Is this possible? Thanks. Sue
  • 3. And/Or View Filtering
    Let's say I'm trying to create a Business Contact View that only shows Contacts that have one or more e-mail addresses in the record. I click Filters, then Advanced, then select Field=E-mail, with Criteria=is not empty, then click Add To List. Ditto for E-Mail2. Ditto for E-Mail3. These 3 Filters result in NO Contacts showing in the View, apparently because the Outlook BCM assumes a boolean operator of "AND" between all criteria on the filter list. So in this example, unless the Contact has an e-mail address in ALL 3 e-mail fields, the Contact will not show in the View. My questions are: - Is my AND operator assumption correct? Is it hard coded in the BCM Advanced Filter sequence? - Is there any way to change the boolean operator to "OR"? (my current cheapo contact mgr s/w does this) - What is the MORE Advanced Filter button for? Does it actually work? No matter what I do it does not activate. - Anyone have a work around for this dilemma? Thanks, Rick
  • 4. Contact names in E-mail? Signature in Forwards?
    I've tried every setting I can find to make these two things happen. 1. Shouldn't I be able to type a last name in the TO: field of an e-mail and have it automatically entered from my database? I'm having to click the TO: button, enter the last name, select the name, click OK - a four step process rather than one it should be! How do I correct this? And by the way, I can sometimes type the first name of a contact in the field and it will enter the name but never the last. How do I set things up so searches are done by last name? 2. When forwarding an e-mail, my signature forwards but without the jpg picture that accompanies it - which does by the way show when I do a new mail or reply to one!
  • 5. BCM Data contantly "not closed properly"
    Using MS Office 2007 Enterprise Edition with SP1, all updates on a stand-alone laptop with system administrator rights Virtually every time I open outlook with BCM and close it, the next time I open it, I get a dialog box and then a balloon from the icon tray that says the Outlook data was closed improperly and it will check for errors. You can still use outlook as usual, maybe it is slightly slower. Then after a while, it comes up and says data check over and everything is fine. Is this a known bug? Am I doing something wrong? Please advise. Bob

Cant seem to install BCM with Outlook 2007

Postby Ym9yaXNrYXJsYQ » Fri, 22 Aug 2008 12:35:01 GMT

I recently installed MS Ultimate Hero Suite and had to install BCM 
separately.  I've never been able to get it to work.  What am I doing wrong?

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XP systems but keep hitting an error - cant install due to Office
Interop failure. The logs show its not permitted by the system
policy....but its a completely clean XP with Outlook 2007 pro with no
policies set.  The control panel shows the Interop as installed but
there are no system files or evidence of it on the drive.

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An Addendum - 10 minutes later) 
I just went into the DATA FILE MANAGEMENT setting on OLK (outlook) and added 
BCM.  Like before - it installs it but there is NO TOOLBAR so I cannot 
restore - move - or add contact to my old BCM contact database. (from a 
previous version of outlook).  SO - my problems are reduced to ADDING THE BCM 
TOOLBAR to the top of my OUTLOOK 2003 window.
I have the OUTLOOK CONNECTOR showing but no BCM.  thanx again - in advance - 
"Drix" wrote:

> HI - whew - please help me get my OUTLOOK w/bcm to show my BC's again.
> I excitedly have the fat 2 disk set of OFFICE SBM 2006. It works but for the 
> BCM (the second most important part after email).  In increasingly desperate 
> attempts to get it to function correctly, I read and did most of what was 
> suggested here in this forum.  I put in CD ONE to put in OUTLOOK, put in CD 2 
> to added BCM (and accounting) and after several attempts of install and 
> un-install and re-install I got it to work - BUT with NO TOOLBAR. sigh... 2 
> days full of frustrating hours I have NO BCM, NO TOOLBAR and NO MORE CLUES as 
> to what to do. 
> PULEEEEZE TEAM MS - help me get back to work here.  
> FEEDBACK CLUES: The registry (as in another post) says: REGDWORD (3) and 
> I've done ALL of the updates.  BIG CLUE - I also re-installed WINXP (pro) and 
> noticed it added me (log in name) twice, once as DRIX (primary) and NOW I'm 
> DRIX.millhouse (my network) with my other programs still listed there but w/o 
> functionality to them. (sigh again...)  PULEEEZE help me kidz - im losing 
> time - patience - AND the names/numbers to MY CLIENTS!!!!!!! (yikes!) 
> THANX - I'll be here waiting for your holy words of cure.  
> Drix

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