Unable to link the BCM contacts twice with account contacts



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    I have tried to insatll Business Contacts Manager. I am using Outlook 2003 and XPP. When I open outlook I get the BCM startup wizard asking me to select a database. I have created a new database and then tried to select it. The next screen then says 'upgrade your BCM' and wants to store a backup of the database. Backing up appears to start until I get a message saying 'Error - database migration was unsuccessful'. Clicking OK returns me to the previosu step (i.e no further forward). Can anyone help? Thanks
  • 3. "New" Accounts in Business Contacts form will not open?
    In Outlook Business Contacts, "Accounts in Business Contact Manager", I am unable to create a "New" record. A pop-up window says, "The form required to view this message cannot be displayed. Contact your administrator." I've looked in the Help area and reviewed troubleshooting but have not found a reason why a new business screen does not come up the same as a new contact and new business contact screen comes up. Welcome some help on how to unlock this form......thanks,
  • 4. Repeating entries in Business History
    Have just noticed that I have identical copies of many of my entries within the Business History of Business Contact Manager. Many items are repeated up to 3x and some of them are for messages that have been deleted. Result is that I have 9,148 items in this file. How can I stop this from occurring and (probably even harder) how can I remove the duplicates?
  • 5. Reinstall of BCM Now get Object Reference Error
    Running XP Home. Reinstalled OS w/ SP2, application, then got to Office 2003 w/ BCM install with updates, Tried to run Outlook and get error: Business Contact Manager; Object regference not set to an instance of an object. Contact Business Contact Manager Support [How?. Where?] Anybody have any idea what this error msg is refering to and how to fix it??

Unable to link the BCM contacts twice with account contacts

Postby U0FLYWpiag » Thu, 28 Jan 2010 02:58:08 GMT

unable to link BCM contacts twice with Account Contacts.

Re: Unable to link the BCM contacts twice with account contacts

Postby Raul Thomas » Fri, 29 Jan 2010 07:26:21 GMT

A business contact can be linked to only one account , this is by design


Rahul Thomas


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When I open the Address Book and select the drop down box "Show Names from 
the:"  I see "Accounts" and "Business Contacts" twice, while my typical 
contact files are only listed once (I've got 3 folders of contacts and am 
migrating them all over to BCM).

When I click on the first Accounts and Business contacts, I get an error 
message stating, "The address list could not be displayed.  The Contacts 
folder associated with this address list could not be opened; it may have 
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The second Accounts listed in the Address book doesn't seem to be working 
right either (It only show one of my 5 accounts), but I'm not getting an 
error message.  The second copy of Business Contacts seems to be working well.

To troubleshoot, I went into the properties of Accounts (I don't want it in 
my Show Names for Accounts list anyway) and unchecked the option for it to 
show in the Address Book.  Now, instead of showing two Accounts listed, it 
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This seems to tell me that Outlook "sees" another BCM database somewhere (In 
my Administrator account???) and will not connect.

Well that sounds simple, but I only have one BCM database and one BCM .pst 
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Does anyone have an idea why I see these two files twice and how I can 
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I posted this in the Microsoft Small Business Specialist Newsgroup and they 
informed me to post this here.  Please direct me to the proper Newsgroup if 
this isn't the proper place for this question.

I have a client who keeps all their contacts on an Excel Spreadsheet.  The 
spreadsheet has columns for Company Name, Address, ZIP, First Name, Last Name.

They imported the Company Names, Address, and ZIP from the spreadsheet into 
the BCM Accounts.  They also imported the First Names and Last Names in to 
the BCM Business Contacts.

The problem is they have about 5000 Business Contacts that need to be Linked 
to their specific Accounts.  I had hoped that I could Select Business 
Contacts and then click the Link to Record button on the toolbar but the 
button is grayed out.  I noticed it only appears when highlighting Tasks or 

The Microsoft Outlook team suggested this: "With 5000 records it may be 
worth it to export the spreadsheet to CSV and 
then write a script (or something similar) to convert the CSV into a BCM 
XML file. The XML would contain a link to each contact's parent account."

Please help me obtain a solution for this so my client doesn't have to Link 
each Business Contact one at a time to the corresponding Account.

It's hard to believe that Microsoft didn't consider this type of scenario 
when developing BCM.  I'm sure there are many businesses that are currently 
using ACT or Goldmine and have thousands of Contacts they would have to 
import into BCM if thery were to use BCM, otherwise users would take months 
just linking BCM Contacts to BCM Accounts.

Thank you.
Rich Lusk
Small Business Specialist
DiamondNet, Inc.

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You have now "officially" suggested it!  :)

We appreciate your suggestion (link account address to dependent
contacts), and will consider it for a future release.


This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no

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