Migration Via *.bcm / XML Files: BCM XML Schema required (*.xsd)



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Migration Via *.bcm / XML Files: BCM XML Schema required (*.xsd)

Postby picander77 » Tue, 11 Jul 2006 22:05:34 GMT

Hello there!

I need to migrate a custom CRM Application to BCM (over 10000

The easy Import way would be to export first all documents as Excel /
CSV, but then I found some difficulties importing and linking the
"Accounts" with the "Business Contacts". It seems it cannot be
performed using the featured BCM Import Tool.

I think the best way to migrate all the data would be to write all the
Documents directly into a *.BCM File, which are in fact XML Files. The
custom CRM Application can export all documents into well structured
XML and provides an XML Schema to facilitate the integration with other
databases or components.

Therefore, I would like to create an *.XLST (XML Transformation) in
order to transform the exported XML into a newly created *.BCM File.
Creating such a transformation requires a good know-how of the XML
Schema of the *.BCM Files

Does anybody have already performed such a migration via *.BCM Files?
Does anybody have a *.XSD File that I may use?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Migration Via *.bcm / XML Files: BCM XML Schema required (*.xsd)

Postby Luther » Wed, 12 Jul 2006 04:25:48 GMT

I've done some work in this area. In my experience, BCM XML does not
support XSD.

Your best bet to understand BCM XML is to create a new BCM database.
Create an Account, a child Business Contact, and an Opportunity, set
data for every field on the forms, then add one Activity of each
supported type, setting data in every field, and create one Product.
Then export to a BCM file. That should give you an XML file with every
possible element, which you can then use as a reference.

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