Business Contacts default when opening OL2007 w/BCM?



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    When i open Outlook a pop up error box keeps coming up. I cnat close them fast enough to even work on my outlook. This is what the box reads: Business contact manager failed to initialize the common language runtime ECall methods must be packaged into a system module.
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    Hi, I have Outlook 2007 and was trying to install BCM for Outlook 2007. When install gives an error while installing the sql server 2005 express. I tried to uninstall all mssql server lines on add/remove programs, but the problem is always the same, gives error on the installation. How can I proceed? Thanks.

Business Contacts default when opening OL2007 w/BCM?

Postby SkZM » Sat, 12 Jan 2008 23:25:01 GMT

Can the business contacts be made the default so that it does not have to be 
selected each time Outlook 07 w/BCM is opened?


RE: Business Contacts default when opening OL2007 w/BCM?

Postby U2F0 » Sun, 13 Jan 2008 04:33:04 GMT


As far as I know, this option is currently not in place.


Re: Business Contacts default when opening OL2007 w/BCM?

Postby chrishey » Sat, 02 Feb 2008 02:40:52 GMT

Thank for your input, though. We'll try to get "open to BCM to
Business Contacts by default" into a future version.

Chris [msft]

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"tyrone" wrote:

> Hi!
> I installed Microsoft Outlook 2007 With Business Contact Manager (beta).  
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> Warmest Regards,

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"Lance" wrote:

> You have to change this on each client.
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> Hope this helps.
> Lance

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