POP3 Access not working- can't receive any email since this AM



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    "From" is not displayed when I select "all headers". How do I add it? Thanks
  • 2. AIM Launches during startup
    I have OE 6 and AIM has just started opening when I start OE. I have tried everything that I can find to stop this from happening including; unchecking Make AIM my default instant messaging program, going through registry looking for anything remotely saying message, looked through all of the options in the tools\options section. Are there any other ideas or something that I missed
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    I cannot open Links in my email. Some links open windows from my computer. Any ideas how to fix? I am using OE 6
  • 4. Updating laptop files
    What is the best way to import my newer inbox and sent items into my laptop which already has all of the older files already copied? I tried copying all of my newer files into a new folder with the idea of just importing them and I suppose that will work BUT; When I copied the newer sent items, they all show up as being from me which is not good. I am running Win XP Pro with SP 2 and it is up to date. My OE is ver. 6.0
  • 5. Bruce, help!
    Hi, I have to start a new thread as I can't see a single message for this newsgroup right now. I followed your instructions in my other thread. Get xxx headers at a time has always been unchecked. I set a new message rule (60 days etc.) and applied it to OE only. Thank God I didn't do this to the other newsgroups. Then I clicked cleanup etc. All the other newsgroups seem to have downloaded the messages and are back to business. But OE is *blank* with a message saying ".....Some items may be hidden because a view is applied." I tried to find the rule so that I could delete it. But not sure how. Right now, I am worse than a while ago i.e. I don't even see my own posts and synchronization doesn't help and I can't delete the rule. I am stuck staring at a blank pane for OE. I have been wondering even if my cleanup, reset, download work properly, why did I have a problem with OE in the first place? What caused it? Glad I can still send out a new post. Help! Thanks. Epinn

Re: POP3 Access not working- can't receive any email since this AM

Postby RGF2ZXk » Wed, 26 Aug 2009 17:42:03 GMT

I had the same error message, I disabled by Norton E-mail scanning and it 
worked. Thanks

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Get the following error message when I try to access my MSN email via POP 
access in Outlook Express (been told by another MSN user that there are MSN 
server problems today):

"Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for 
this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of 
inactivity. Account: 'MSN Mail', Server: 'pop3.live.com', Protocol: POP3, 
Port: 995, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCC0F"

Thanks in advance for any help! 

Note: have not made any changes to my setting in Outlook Express- confirmed 
by MSN that they are having problems today w/ MSN accounts (pop3.live.com).

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I have not been able to receive any new emails.  When I 
try to locate it says POP3 server not responding. Also 
occasionally it will ask for my password and then say its 
not correct even though it comes up automatically with the 
request. Does anyone know why I can't get to my mail and 
how to fix? thx

4.outlook 2003- pop3 send/receive not working (revisited)

After trying some more fixes for a problem I posted earlier in the week, I've 
gotten nowhere on a solution, so I'm still looking for a fix- can anyone help?

Ie pursued several fixes to my problem with receiving and sending messages 
through Outlook through a pop3 server.  After using my system as configured 
for ~2 years, I suddenly started having problems a couple of weeks ago:  no 
messages would send out, and I couldn't receive anything, either.  This is 
the error message I suddenly started receiving when the download problem 
started; it continues every time I try end/receive  
Task '... - Receiving' reported error (0x8004210A) : 'The operation timed 
out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server. If you continue 
to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet 
service provider (ISP).')

Here are the things Ie done to try to resolve the issue:
1)  decreased the size of my inbox by deleting large attachments (it is 
still relatively large, but I didn think this would be a problem since it 
had been downloading messages fine)
2)  I checked for updates on the Microsoft website. I installed both Office 
service pack 2 and an update for Outlook.  I continued to have the same 
problem after installation.
3)  I noticed here on the Microsoft communities boards that several people 
had written in with a similar problem, and it seemed to be connected to a 
LiveUpdate from Symantec Norton AntiVirus.  After correcting certain 
settings, there problems went away.  Ie been running an older version of 
Symantec AntiVirus, so I thought it was likely that this was the cause of my 
problem.  It wasn possible for me to change the settings for email as 
suggested (software is set up differently), so I decided I remove the 
program (and use something else instead).  The problem remained after the 
software program was completely removed and the computer rebooted (and I 
received an error message that my settings for Symantec could not be found).
4)  I ran the Detect & Repair function from Outlook.  The problem persisted.
5)  So, I ran the Detect & Repair function again, this time, selecting 
estore default settings  First, this resulted in a new issue:  this 
initiated a new installation of Outlook.
Second, my emails still won download.  After the detect & repair 
operation, a wizard started to set up a new email account (for an empty 
Outlook box), so I entered all of the settings again.  I ran est account 
settings and I received the same error message that Ie been receiving 
since this problem started:  find incoming pop server and find outgoing smtp 
server are cancelled (it does find the network connection).
Ie also received the following error message, but not consistently:
The procedure entry point CreateInfoWindow could not be located in the 
dynamic link library MSOERT2.dll

SoI still need help! 

Thanks, in advance, for your consideration of my plight.

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