Out of Memory adding items to listbox from clipboard-pasted textbox



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Out of Memory adding items to listbox from clipboard-pasted textbox

Postby caveatRob@nospam.gmail.com » Wed, 30 Jul 2008 02:38:48 GMT

I have a form with a listbox, a textbox, and a button. I paste a multi-
line chunk of text into the textbox and push the button to parse the
text into a listbox.

I us the following code:


Dim sTmp As String, iPos1 As Integer, iPos2 As Integer

sTmp = UserForm1.TextBox476.Text
iPos1 = 1
iPos2 = InStr(sTmp, vbCrLf)
Do While iPos2
UserForm1.ListBox3.AddItem Mid$(sTmp, iPos1, iPos2 - iPos1)
iPos1 = iPos2 + 1
iPos2 = InStr(iPos1, sTmp, vbCrLf)

The first time the form runs, it seems to work fine. Subsequent
loadings of the form result in Out of Memory errors that persist until
I quit an restart Outlook 2007.

Any ideas? Can the textbox hold all the clipboard characters?

Re: Out of Memory adding items to listbox from clipboard-pasted textbox

Postby Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook] » Wed, 30 Jul 2008 04:53:13 GMT

Do you want the textbox and listbox to retain their contents from run to 
run? If not have you tried clearing both on the start of each run?

Do you know on what line the error is occurring?

Ken Slovak
[MVP - Outlook]
Author: Professional Programming Outlook 2007.
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