Creating assigned tasks, that have already been assigned.



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Creating assigned tasks, that have already been assigned.

Postby Deani » Wed, 24 Nov 2004 18:20:19 GMT

Is it possible to create a task that is already assigned?

What I mean is if you issue the .Assign method then Outlook wants to 
effectively send out messages to each of the assignees asking them to 
accept/decline the task, I don't actually want this to happen, I want 
Outlook to think that it has already sent those messages and the task has 
been accepted by X number of the recipients.

Any help would be apreciated


Re: Creating assigned tasks, that have already been assigned.

Postby Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook] » Wed, 24 Nov 2004 23:41:19 GMT

You need to set and add a number of properties that aren't doable from the
Outlook object model. I'd suggest downloading a copy of OutlookSpy
( and observing what properties are changed and added for an
assigned task and then seeing if all of them are read/write and can be
changed. If any are read-only you're out of luck.

Ken Slovak
[MVP - Outlook]
Author: Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
Reminder Manager, Extended Reminders, Attachment Options

Re: Creating assigned tasks, that have already been assigned.

Postby Deani » Thu, 25 Nov 2004 20:51:44 GMT

Thanks Ken,

unfortunately there are a number of properties that are read-only which was 
where I hit the brick wall.  Oh well thanks anyway.

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