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create a new business contact manager database

Postby UGFtZWxhUA » Sat, 24 Jun 2006 23:50:02 GMT

When i first started with outlook 2003 a few months ago, i set up some of my 
business contacts in the bcm database. Now I want to put all of my husbands 
own clients in a separate database, on my computer, then send it to his 
First question: Was it wise of me to set up a separate database?
2nd question: If so, why, when i did set up a new database, can't i find my 
old database of my business contacts? When i click on "business contacts" on 
the side toolbar.....the database is blank.  Hopefully someone will tell me, 
it's there.....and i can switch back and forth.....i just need to find it. 
AND not that it overrode the old one :-(
3rd question  can i put new fields in the individual contact screen. there 
are a few fields i don't really need, and a few others i'd like to put in. Is 
that possible?

Sorry for so many questions!
Thanks for any help :-)

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Forwarded via crosspost to Outlook General newsgroup.
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-Windows (IE/OE, Shell/User, Security), VSOP,

Ann Rhiwfelen wrote:
> When I try to open a new contact in Business Contact Manager it gives me
> the reply "The from required to view this message cannot be displayed. 
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