outlook.pst password protected, forgot password



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    I've got a small home network consisting of a Win2k Server, XP desktop pc and a laptop. I want to be able to use Outlook from either my desktop pc or my laptop, depending on where I am in the house. Currently, Outlook on my desktop pc connects to my btopenworld account and retrieves and stores my emails. Can I get my laptop's Outlook to use the same data file as the desktop pc, or do I need something like Exchange? Ultimately, I'd like to put the outlook datafile on my server and have both the laptop and desktop access that, nut I can't get it working. Any help greatfully received. Ben
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    Is there any possible way to set up a rule either on the local computer or the mail server that can call for an email to be automatically forwarded to someone without including the attachment?
  • 3. File Send To
    When a user goes to file send to mail reciepent excel uses outlook express instead of outlook and then wants to set up an email account. I checked in internet options and Outlook is set as the default email client. Is there something else that I can check? He is using office 2000 and 2000 OS.
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    Hiya, The News button is missing from my Go menu on the Category list on the Commands list on the Toolbar Customization in Outlook 2003. Therefore I cannot drag it onto the Advanced Toolbar and cannot get the newsreader up. Does anyone know where to find the missing News command? -- -Larry
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    Hi, I just upgraded to Outlook 2002. I setup my Internet email (POP3/SMTP) account. I connect through my phone line, so I chose the appropriate option. This email account works. I am able to both send and receive email for this account in Outlook. I just have one headache... Normally, I am not connected to the Internet. If I want to send an email, I start Outlook offline. I type the email and click "Send" to put it in the outbox. Under Outlook 2000, if I looked at it in the Outbox it would be displayed in italics. When I wanted to actually send the email, I would establish my dial-up connection manually, click Send/Receive and it would get sent. Now, under Outlook 2002, I do the same thing, but when I am offline and click "Send" to put the email in the outbox, it is not displayed in italics. If I establish my connection and click Send/Receive, it doesn't get sent. I have to double-click the email in the Outbox to open it back up, and then click "Send" again. It goes back into the outbox, and this time it is displayed in italics. Now, if I click Send/Receive, it does get sent. This isn't a big problem, but if anyone has an idea what is going on, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Paul

outlook.pst password protected, forgot password

Postby Davy » Wed, 28 Jan 2004 05:02:39 GMT

I have recently upgraded my computer.  Previously, I was 
using office 97.  The outlook.pst was password 
protected.  I have transferred the file to the new 
computer and got rid of the old computer.  I cannot read 
the file without the password which I have forgotten.  
How can I read my data.  Any help will be appreciated.

Re: outlook.pst password protected, forgot password

Postby Chau Le » Wed, 28 Jan 2004 05:58:48 GMT

Look for and download this:


Follow the simple instructions and you can reset password for PST.


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