Adding Contacts to Received E-Mails



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Adding Contacts to Received E-Mails

Postby Louis James » Wed, 14 Apr 2004 22:01:22 GMT

When I receive e-mails, I typically add the contact name to
that e-mail for later filing.  I go to message options and
"add" the contact.  

Does anyone know of an "automatic" way to do this?  I have
tried rules but that does not seem to help.  Outbound
e-mail is not a problem because I go to the contact in my
address book and start a new message from their.  Outlook
2003 adds the contact name.

It's inbound that I have a problem with.  Any suggestions
would be appreciated.

Re: Adding Contacts to Received E-Mails

Postby Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] » Wed, 14 Apr 2004 22:44:07 GMT

Not sure how to automate it, but you can right-click on the sender's name
and add to contacts that way....

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