How to stop receiving duplicate email messages in MS outlook



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    My Regional Manager insists on things being perfect - need assistance with this problem. Working in Governemtn department - we have many users with unusal names and surnames - not common to standard dictionaries. My Rm wants to forward emails received with these peoples names in the original message - without outlook spell checking each of these names before sending. I have set up the email options under spelling - to ignore original message when forwarding - which it does but still spell checks the original message's recipients before sending. How do I set this up to exclude the names as well. Also - how do set outlook up that SA dictionary is the standard dictionary - because at the moment he has to physically add each and every word to the dictionary while spell checking before sending off the email as well? Thanxxxxx so much
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    One of my colleques his calender folder is moved. I can find it back in the folder draft. How is it possible? And How Can I fix it Thx Peter
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    When the Out-of-Office assistant is enabled only internal users receive an automatic response to emails. External users do not get a response. We are using Outlook 2003 with Small Business Server 2003. Any help would be much appreciated. JoeBudda
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    Can I use my Microsoft Outlook [office 2000 SR 1] to reading and revewing Internet news groups? How to set it up? As for now I have to review news in my Outlook Expres, but it would be nice to use only one program. Thank you for any help! --
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    Hi there, I'm facing a puzzling Outlook 2003 problem so I'm trying the forum to see if anyone encountered similar behaviour and/or found a solution. On 'a couple' of workstations in the company there is a problem when users try to attach files in their e-mails. Not all file types are displayed in the 'insert file' dialog box (yes, *.* selected). For instance .zip files are not displayed. There is no problem receiving these kind of attachments! There is only a problem when trying to select these files as attachment using the 'insert file' dialog. We use XP SP1 and Office 2003. Any suggestions? Regards, Robert.

How to stop receiving duplicate email messages in MS outlook

Postby Jonnyb » Sat, 16 Aug 2003 17:20:53 GMT

Do you have duplicate accounts in your Outlook sir???

Re: How to stop receiving duplicate email messages in MS outlook

Postby Jeff Stephenson [MSFT] » Sun, 17 Aug 2003 02:18:06 GMT

If you have Outlook 2002, see if
 http://www.**--****.com/ ;en-us;Q284404 helps.

Jeff Stephenson
Outlook Development
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