[WS:Addins ANN]: WS:Repeat Appointment for Outlook


[WS:Addins ANN]: WS:Repeat Appointment for Outlook

Postby msnews.microsoft.com » Mon, 06 Sep 2004 00:30:41 GMT

WS:Repeat Appointment is a member of Websetters family of Microsoft Office
Add-Ins. This Add-In extends the functionality of Microsoft Outlook 2000,
2002 and 2003.

Have you every wished to schedule repeat appointments that do not fit a
regular pattern? Outlook provides a powerful facility to have recurring
appointments - every Monday, first of the month, every year, etc. However if
your appointment does not fit this neat format then you have to enter each

Not any more, WS:Repeat Appointment allows you to choose an appointment and
select multiple dates for this appointment, automatically creating the
Repeat Appointments in your calendar. In addition you can also add new
additional dates after creating the initial Repeat Group as well as removing
existing repeat appointments using the simple interface. Download WS:Repeat
Appointment and remove the drudgery of creating multiple appointments.

Features of the WS:Repeat Appointment add-in:

  a. Create multiple repeat appointments from the original
  b. Easy to use graphical Calendar interface
  c. Add additional Repeat Appointments at later stages
  d. Remove appointment dates from the Repeat Group if they have not already
  e. Integrates directly into Outlook and accessed from Appointment Menu,
Toolbar or both
  f. Available as a FREE 28 day pilot

Purchase today and reduce the drudgery of creating repeating appointments
that do not match the regular pattern required by the Outlook Recurrence

Goto  http://www.**--****.com/  for more details



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