Copied text from Notepad disappears when pasted to Outlook XP



  • 1. Outlook cannot connect to MSN
    I have MSN added as an HTTP email account to my Outlook 2002. I have no problem accessing MSN from my office, where my Exchange Server resides. I have also had no problem for several years getting into my MSN account from home using Outlook remotely. Several days ago, Outlook began asking me to sign-in to my MSN account. Every time I clicked O.K. it didn't accept the sign-in and asked again. ID and password are correct. I've deleted the account and re-added it. No help there. I have no problem accessing my Outlook email account from home so I know my program is working fine. I can't recall adding any new software since the problem started. For what it's worth, I have no problem getting into my MSN account thru my browser, so it's not a login problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  • 2. outlook 6!
    I used Outlook for a few months trying to get used to it. My main email pgm was Outlook Express. On 10/9/05 I had to reformat my hard drive and tried to backup my Outlook files in a number of ways that seemed like they should work. The most prominent was displaying the email messages and copying them to another drive directly. Somehow everything I did didn't seem to work and I've been searching for about 3 full months of important work which I believe is on one of my drives but I can't seem to import it into Outlook Express or open it up. One file that looks very promising is an "Outlook data file" which is 350,176 kb. I think I have at least some important info on it, but I can't open it and I am not having any luck with "MS help" in finding a simple solution to "open Outlook data file." Does anyone have a clean solution that I might be able to use in order to look at the files? I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks Neil Sheppard
  • 3. eMail pane columns conundrum
    Just a few minutes ago, something changed about my eMail view pane (not reading pane). Now all my various folders show only two columns. one is 'view:????' depending on the view I have selected and the other is 'Oldest on top' or 'newest...' depending on which I select. To get my original view with columns. I have to go to 'Tools>Options>Other tab>Advanced Options Button'. Then, without changing anything at all, I 'OK' my way out and 'Voile!!' Everything is back to normal. But change to a different Folder and it's not right and then go back to the original folder and it's not right either. I've never seen this before and don't recall seeing mention of this behavior in the groups. System Info: WinXP Pro (with all updates), Outlook 2003 (with all updates) running on an Asus K7N8X-E Deluxe MB with an Athlon 3200+ and 1 GB Memory on two 512 MB sticks. All has been running fine since a 'clean' install about three weeks ago. Nothing unusual preceded this change (no system crashes, blue screens etc.) Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm packing to move to Loveland next week and time is limited. Thanks again! "I read about the evils of drink, so I gave up reading."
  • 4. Redirect mail with Outlook2000
    This is probably a stupid question but is it possible to redirect mail using Outlook 2000? The PC in my office is always on. When I'm out of office I would like all incoming mail redirected to my home email address. Is this possible?
  • 5. Outlook 2003 Graphics Default Setting
    Every time I try to open a graphics file in Outlook 2003, the default programme is MS Photoshop Elements v3. How can I change the graphics default setting to something else? Many thanks

Copied text from Notepad disappears when pasted to Outlook XP

Postby Ken Asher » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 07:26:10 GMT

This seems to be a recurring but intermittent problem.

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