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  • 1. Possible to automatically delete all emails in current folder except...?
    I am using Outlook 2002 and was wondering if there is an app that I could use with it to help with this situation: Every day I receive an updated currency list and it goes into a folder in the Inbox called "Currency". I then have to delete any previous emails in that folder except the current one. Is it possible to have a program that will delete all the emails in that folder except the most recent one - even if it is not the same as the current date? Thanks
  • 2. outlook mail setup
    I have setup the mail account and and the test shows successful setup, but it fails to download the mail . even though outlook express down loads the mail with no problem. it is strange that it works with outlook express but does not work with micro soft outlook .
  • 3. Outlook 03 Exch 5.5 No Offline Sync after Upgrade
    After upgrading from Outlook 2002 to Outlook 2003, I'm no longer to sync offline with our corporate exchsrvr which is ver 5.5. I am connecting through a VPN, which previously worked fine. There are also other users that are unable to sync using Outlook 2003. Older versions of Outlook have no problems. What could be the problem?
  • 4. Portable email
    Can I install "Outlook" program on my mobile HDD (using USB case) and run on it? As I always travel to the branches of my company, I use the email program "Becky" inside my mobile HDD. I have set all the mail server in the program so whenever I need to check the email outside the office, only plug in the USB connector on any PC, run the Becky program on my mobile HDD, then I can get all the mail. It is quite convenience as all the mail are store in the mobile HDD with me. No need to bring the heavy notebook computor. But that Becky program have less function and sometime it cannot display the email using foreign language correctly. Can I install "Outlook" program on my mobile HDD and run on it?
  • 5. Outlook Exprerss v6
    All Using Outlook, any e-mails received with attachments the following message is received 'OE removed access to the following attachments in your mail:' I know the attachment is 'safe' as it oringinated from myself. Is there a setting that needs changing? Regards Allan

Active Directory & LDAP Directory

Postby QmVybmll » Wed, 18 Feb 2004 18:46:09 GMT

Import a list of email from ATT and cannot get rid of Active Directory. When I compose a new message  and go to retrieve a address I receive the popup message "Can't contact LDAP Directory server (81)".  Getting on my nerves. Any idea's.  I tried everything and even Detect and Repair via the Help.

Re: Active Directory & LDAP Directory

Postby Robert Crayk MVP » Wed, 18 Feb 2004 19:44:36 GMT

If you don't connect to a LDAP you can remove it by going into Tools > Email
Accounts > view or change existing directories or address books > highlight
the LDAP and remove.

When I compose a new message  and go to retrieve a address I receive the
popup message "Can't contact LDAP Directory server (81)".  Getting on my
nerves. Any idea's.  I tried everything and even Detect and Repair via the

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is it possible to have Outlook Express for the Macintosh (classic) use
Active Directory via LDAP for direectory services?

I had been using OE in IMAP mode with an Exchange 5.5 server.  using LDAP to
get to the Global Address book worked fine.

We recently switched to Exchange 2003, and a slew of new servers.  The admin
tells me that I must use authentication to get to the Global Addressbook,
and to use the Primary Domain COntroller as the LDAP server.

I get an authentication problem everytime.

From the research I have been to gather, this works in Entourage for Mac OS
X.  But thats not an option for me...

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Maximum Results: 100
Search Base: dc=mshome,dc=net

This was never a problem in Outlook Express 6. The only 
thing different in configurations were that in OE6 I 
chose the Secure Password Authentication (SPA) when 
logging into Active Directory. This option, however, 
seems not to be in Outlook 2002 -- a more sophisticated 

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We are moving to a linux based Email system with IMAP 
only and will be using Outlook 2002 on a windows XP 
desktop. Outlook will be configured using a PRF file with 
mail server and LDAP addressbook settings. Our LDAP 
addressbook will be our Active Directory.

The problems that we have are -

1) If we do not supply a userid and password (anonymous 
access) when we access to Active Directory, Outlook 
returns an unsorted list of users and groups. Ideally we 
would like this fixed. (either Outlook or Active 
Directory reconfiguration)

2) If we use the users Id and password to access the AD 
using LDAP all works well until the user changes their 
password and the addressbook lookup breaks.

3) So our solution so far is to use a generic userid for 
the AD lookup, if this userid does not have a password 
Outlook will prompt the user at startup to supply one 
(EVERY time) so we need to automatically give it a 
password. The other problem is that the addressbook 
section of the PRF file does not allow for a password 
entry. Any ideas here on how to automatically set the 
addressbook password?
- Tried putting entries directly into the registry (no 
good, it is encrypted, in a randomly named key)
- Tried using a Vbscript and sendkeys, but this is not 
reliable (does not work every time)
- PRF file does not support a password entry for LDAP 
address books
- Getting the user to type this password in requires them 
to both know the password in advance AND get it typed in 


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