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OE6 identities

Postby cjm » Fri, 01 Oct 2004 03:36:35 GMT

Can't get OE6 to switch identity. Can recieve mail to 
main identity for 3 seperate accounts but want to ahve 
seperate identities. Had this before I got a new machine 
with XP Home. I have created 3 identities, it just wont 

Re: OE6 identities

Postby Brian Tillman » Fri, 01 Oct 2004 22:16:35 GMT

Ask in an Outlook Express newsgroup.
Brian Tillman

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1.OE6 Identities

"David Trenchard" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news:18bc01c3841c$14adefc0$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> I've just bought a new Dell PC running XP Home. Big
> problems with outlook express led me to uninstall and
> reinstall. I've tried to replicate my email accounts and
> seem to have ended up with multiple identies (my name, my
> wifes name, primary plus primary backup). I cannot get my
> inbox to show emails from both the email accounts I have
> (me and my wife). How do I fix this without having to
> cahnge identities to read emails?

If you want both accounts to show up in the same Identity, put them in the
same Identity, Tools | Accounts | Mail   for whichever Identity you choose.

If you use separate Identities, each Identity must have it's own email
account that is totally separate from the other, no aliases (which is just
the same account with a different name). Identity's main purpose is to
separate mail accounts among users.

Email is stored for each Identity in a different location. You can find this
location by Tools | Options | Maintenance tab | Store Folders button or if
you are familar with the registry, it will be the Store Folders value in

The dbx files are normally hidden.
Open Windows Explorer and click on Tools | Folder Options | Views tab
Select "Show all files'
Uncheck "Hide file extensions for known file types"
Click Apply then OK

You can then navigate to the folders to see the dbx files.

If you need to import the messages from one Identity to another, File |
Import | Messages | Microsoft Outlook Express 6 | Import mail from an OE6

If the Identity has been removed, select "Import mail from an OE6 store
directory". You will know to know the lcoation of the message stores (dbx
files) for that old Identity (which is usually a location that isn't one of
the known Identity's locations) then select it and finish up the import.

That should cover whatever problems you are experiencing because, frankly I
don't have a clue what your wanting.

2.OE6 identity confusion

I run 4 identities (IDs) on OE6 on XP Professional. 
Frequently, OE confuses/merges the IDs, delivering mail 
intended for one ID to the wrong ID, or refusing to 
switch to a new ID (properly/fully). 

(2 of the 4 IDs contain a personal Hotmail account as 
well as a work email account.)

Any ideas please? It's driving me & my colleagues nuts!


3.oe6 identity problem

Because of a bad virus problem, I had to run my recovery 
disk. since that time I am having problems with the 
identities that I have set up for myself, my husband & my 
son. We each have our own account, so each have our own 
identity. The problem is sometimes I will sign in on my 
ID and it will open my husband's account. Sometimes it 
will say that it is my ID at the very top, the properties 
will say it is my acount, the mailboxes will be set how I 
have them, and the contacts will be mine, but it will 
check his mail and put it in my ID. This e-mail account 
is not my hotmail address, it is the one I have from my 
ISP, so we have the same mail provider. I did not have 
this problem before I ran my recovery disk. The ID worked 
perfectly.  Any suggestions??

4.OE6, identities, updates & SP2

After installing all the updates and SP2, the first time I open OE6 and 
select an identity, that identity becomes the default identity unless I 
reboot (even if the "default" box is unchecked).  I would like to have OE6 
ask me which identity to open each time I go to look at my E-mail.  This is 
the way it was before all of the updates and SP2.

Is there a way to fix this?

(Also, isn't interesting that you have to have the "pop-up blocker" in OE6 
turned off to use this site?)


5.How to Merge OE6 Identities

I have two identities on OE6 on Win XP.  How can I merge them to one 
identity ?
I live in France for half the time and England for half, so I have two 
e-mail address - but i don;t think I need two identities.  I would like all 
my mail folders together and just use the drop down box when creating a mail 
to select a different 'from' address.

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