Anyone using David Allen's "Getting Things Done in Outlook" add-in or the guide book



  • 1. Acceptance of delegated task in Outlook 2003
    Hello: Does anyone know about the problem with acceptance of a delegate task between 2 users? When a user creates and delegates (emails) the task to another user; the 2nd user receives the task in a form of email with the buttons to "Accept" or "Decline" the task. If the user accepts the task, it should get added to their task list, however, nothing happens when the "Accept" button is pressed (and for that matter nothing happens when the "Decline" button is pressed either). Has anyone come across this situation? Thanks in advance for any thoughts and/or help! Rajeev
  • 2. Outlook 2003 Task question
    Hi Group, We are looking in to the functionality of Outlook Tasks. We run in to the following issue: Person A creates a task request for person B. When person B receives the task request he / she cannot accept or decline the task request. What are we doing wrong? In a previous post on this list there was mention that a security update to Outlook from 01/10/06 (KB892843) might be responsible and needs to be uninstalled but as far as I can tell this update is not installed or cannot be uninstalled. Thanks, Sjaak
  • 3. Prevent Reply All or Forward not Working
    MS Office online has a procedure to setup a user's Outl;ook 2003 e:mail so that a message sent cannot be forwarded by the recipient. The procedure is for networks NOT using IRM. I setup the custom form according to the procedure and worked with my IT staff to test. It does not work, either with REPLY ALL or Forward. Anyone tried this or have any ideas?? dave Admin
  • 4. Notification Icon
    Is it possible to have the envelope icon appear in the systray to indicate a new message, without having Outlook open and minimize? I have users who would like to receive the notification, but don't want the program open all day.
  • 5. archiving etc
    I would like to save my messages (folders) on a yearly basis and had hoped that there would be an archiving setting to do what I wish to do but, unless I've missed something, it doesn't seem possible so I'm wondering if I am missing something or, perhaps, I'm the only person on the planet who thinks this would be a good idea. To make sure this is clear, the idea would be that I'd have a folder or PST which would be "pre" 2006 which would have everything up to this year. Then, I'd save this year as 2006 and start on 2007 with all my folders still there BUT empty. Is there a simple way to do this or to I have to physically move all the messages from the current folders to the archived ones?

Anyone using David Allen's "Getting Things Done in Outlook" add-in or the guide book

Postby I live on Quicken and Outlook » Thu, 03 Feb 2005 15:54:04 GMT


I'm interested in hearing about the experiences that anyone may have
with David Allen's "Getting Things Done in Outlook."  You can buy
either the $70 program add-in with all the bells and whistles, or the
do-it-yourself PDF guide only for $10. for
anyone interested.

If you took the do-it-yourself approach, would you recommend it to
someone who is reasonably technical, (but no specific VBA experience)?
Or, would you, or did you end up buying the $70 software package?

According to GTD tech support, the guide book does _not_ include
instructions for some of the more advanced features, such as custom
buttons.   This is disapponting, because I downloaded the user manual
and the custom buttons look like real time-savers.

I've been using Franklin-Covey on and off, but I honestly don't find
it that useful for me, and I'm looking for an alternative.



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