userid/password rejected.



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userid/password rejected.

Postby Barron Housel » Fri, 25 Jun 2004 01:26:14 GMT

Suddenly, Outlook rejects my userid and/or password when 
attempting to send or receive mail. My mail server is a 
POP3 Yahoo account. The login work ok when accessing 
directly from the Yahoo home page. Also, my POP Netscape 
client is able to access my mail.

I'm sure some sort of virus crept in when downloading 
mail, but I don't know how to recover.

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The migration from NT\exchange 5.5 to AD\Exchange 2003 has a number of 
potential failures even after the move looks like it worked. None of this 
seems to be docoument, or certainly wasn't when we did our migration 2 years 

Through trial and error we found the following issues will cause problems 
and need to be tested for before, or resolved after, a migration:

- lack of "default email address format" means OWA will not work
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- sidHistory missing ... as started above this will cause all sorts of 
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- "self" account missing from security
- "self" does not have send as rights
- passwords not synched (this is what we saw as the biggests cause of 
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help me out.  One of my co-workers is getting the 
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your account is new or if your administrator requested a 
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logon with your new password."

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accessed on the client's desktop computer.  This person 
should be able to logon to her mail account through her 
laptop.  I am able to do so with mine, as are my co-
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her computer, and everything is the same.  Has anyone 
encountered an issue like this?  If so, how can this be 

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Hai !

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