Windows Installer Runs every time I start Outlook 2003



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Windows Installer Runs every time I start Outlook 2003

Postby T2xz » Sat, 29 Jan 2005 03:27:04 GMT

Everytime I start my MS Office Outlook 2003 I get a Windows Installer dialog 
that says Preparing to install.  This takes up to a minute or so before it 
goes away and then I can use Outlook.  When researching MS online support I 
found a similiar problem with Visual Studio which sounds very similiar.  It 
talks about removing a MSO.dll and then reinstalling office 2003.  I do not 
have Visual studio .Net on my machine but I find the Mso.dll.  Has anyone had 
a similiar problem?  If so, can you help direct me in a way to get mine 
resolved.  Thanks!

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