my palm treo 650 does not sync to my shared calendar



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    Have a user who is editor on a manager's calendar. She will invite manager to meeting, and then goes nto managers calendar (she has it added within her own Outlook profile) and accepts appt. She will see appt show up, but a few minutes later, it disappears. Has anyone experienced this? Running Outlook 2000 SP3. I read somewhere that CDO.dll versions on Exchange and BlackBerry server had to be updated. Can anyone help?
  • 2. Meeting request got forwarded?
    Hi, We are running Exchange 2003 SP2 on Win2k3 SP1 Server, all the clients are on Outlook 2003 SP2, one of the user got a really strange problem. When other users on the network send him a meeting request through calender, the request got forwarded to an ex-employee account. However, the account is no longer exist, and it only happen to meeting request but not mail. I doubled checked, there is no forwarding set on the user account-->exchange General-->Delivery options-->Forward address. When we request is sent, he got the request in his calendar fine, but the sender got a message from "system administrator" saying that the user address is not valid/not found. On the message it is showing the ex-employee name rather than his name. Anyone any ideas? Thanks
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my palm treo 650 does not sync to my shared calendar

Postby dG1jYW5kcmV3cw » Thu, 09 Nov 2006 03:50:02 GMT

Re: my palm treo 650 does not sync to my shared calendar

Postby Brian Tillman » Thu, 09 Nov 2006 23:34:26 GMT


Brian Tillman

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