Outlook 2007 Calendar-cannot share calendar with Free/Busy Permiss



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Outlook 2007 Calendar-cannot share calendar with Free/Busy Permiss

Postby VGllcjIgU3VwcG9ydA » Sun, 24 Jan 2010 03:15:01 GMT

I have a manager that insists that she could share her calendar and give only 
Free/Busy permissions and the recipient could only see the blocked times 
without being able to open/read anything.
When I try to share my calendar using "Share My Calendar" or manually 
entering the Permissions for a recipient, the only way that they can see 
anything is if it is set to Reviewer/Full Details. The Free/Busy seems to 
work only when using the Scheduling Assistance where it shows you the 
recipients blocked times so that meetings don't conflict. I tried copying my 
calendar and the Permissions no longer show the Free/Busy option.
Is it possible to share the calendar with only Fee/Busy and no details?

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