Moving spouse field from detail tab to general tab



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    Please elaborate on your answer below. Am trying to export from outlook 2003 contacts.pst and then import to outlook 2002 version. Get error. Thank you. This does not fit. You need to pay closer attention to the type of PST file you are actually creating. If you are exporting a PST file that was created anew in Outlook 2003, neither Outlook 2002 nor Outlook 2000 can access it. You must create the old format PST ("Outlook 97-2002") in Outlook 2003 for earlier versions to access it, and you cannot do so with the export function, only the File > New > Outlook Data File... function can create such a file.
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    We have two new computers in our office which have Windows XP (2002) and Outlook 2003 versions on them, and we have no problem importing & exporting between the two. We have a third computer that has Windows 98 and Outlook 2000. When I try importing to this computer I get an error Outlook.pst is not compatible with this version of the Personal Folders information service. Also I get a message that says Properties for this info service must be defined prior to use. How do I fix this problem? Do I need to update the operating system and also update the version of outlook?

Moving spouse field from detail tab to general tab

Postby Sg » Sat, 12 Nov 2005 09:53:02 GMT

is it possible to move spouse field from detail tab to general tab

RE: Moving spouse field from detail tab to general tab

Postby Sm9jZWx5biBGaW9yZWxsbyBbTVZQIC0gT3V0bG9va10 » Sun, 13 Nov 2005 12:13:02 GMT

For information on customizing the default Outlook forms, see 

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