Delete duplicate contacts, resolve multiple contact files



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Delete duplicate contacts, resolve multiple contact files

Postby Y2FyeW4 » Mon, 28 Jan 2008 22:04:00 GMT

I have over 4000 contacts in Outlook.  I've recently had to move my PST file 
back to an older computer because my new computer failed.  There is only one 
user, me.  But somehow, there are multiple contact files associated with the 
Outook program.  When Outlook cannot find a contact (always when I start a 
new message since the mvoe) it gives me the option of selecting another 
contacts folder.  Most are named "contact."  Yet, when I click on contacts, 
all my contacts are there, in duplicate (over 8000)...EXCEPT the new contacts 
I've entered and contacts I've updated since moving back to the old computer. 
 I have searched for help online, but it produced 0 results.  I think one 
problem is that I moved my PST file for easier back-up.  If anyone can help 
me with this, please email me at  XXXX@XXXXX.COM .  Thanks!

Re: Delete duplicate contacts, resolve multiple contact files

Postby Brian Tillman » Tue, 29 Jan 2008 03:02:31 GMT

How did you connect the data into Outlook?  What versions of Outlook are 

Ask here, get an answer here.  Never post your real address in a newsgroup.
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook] 

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The problem seems to be that I have some screwed up links 
in that I have a second "Personal Folders" folder (which 
now contains absolutely nothing), but which Oulook will 
not allow me to remove (along with its subfolders [all 
empty]). I think this situation arose after backing up all 
my data, installing a new Hard Drive and installing the OS 
from scratch. When I reinstalled MS Office, it created a 
blank outlook .pst file, and when I imported (or did I 
just repoint to the original pst file?) from the back-up, 
I got the duplicated folders which then gave rise to this 
problem with the contacts.

To clarify; in my Outlook Folder List I have 5 folder 
1. Personal Folders (with the special icon, and containing 
all the proper folders and sub-folders)
2. Archive folders (generic folder group icon)
3. Hotmail (generic folder group icon)
4. MSN (generic folder group icon)
5. Personal Folders (generic folder group icon, and empty)

If I try to access the 5th folder group, I get an Alert 
Dialog (Warning icon: The operation failed. An object 
could not be found.)

Whatever I do, I cannot seem to get rid of this 
duplicate "Personal Folders" Group. This is where I am 
looking for guidance. I don't know where this list of 
folder groups is generated - is it the registry? or the 
Outlook.fav file or some other file? I have deleted an old 
outlook.pst file which was about 265k in size and located 
in "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\ Application 
Data\Microsoft\Outlook" which is where one of the previous 
OS's kept personal data; the current outlook files are 
in "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local 
Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook"

TIA for any helpful suggestions

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