Offline/Online Folders - Synchronizing (Contacts)


Offline/Online Folders - Synchronizing (Contacts)

Postby Dirk Vandebunt » Wed, 03 Dec 2003 03:07:30 GMT

For some reason, I have 2900 contacts in my Offline 
folder but only 250 of them appear in the online folder. 
Of course, I want them all in the online folder so my PDA 
sychs properly and so I can access them when logging in 

How do I move the contacts from the offline to the online 
folder? I am afraid that by synch'ing the two folders, 
the online foler will overwrite the offline one, and I'll 
lose all those contacts.

I am using XP, Outlook 2003.


vandebunt_dirk(remove this)

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