Address Book Customisation



  • 1. Use categories set up in Outlook 07 to filter Word 07 mail merge?
    I have all my contacts in Outlook 07 set up in categories by function for use in Outlook and for easier use on my Treo 700 when synched. I had hoped to also be able to filter on the category basis for a mail merge in Word 07 for e-mails, labels, etc., but the category field doesn't appear. Is there a way to get the category field to appear as a filter? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! I'm shocked this functionality isn't already there, as the categories are a great way to segregate contacts. I'm hoping it's there and I've just missed it. Thanks!
  • 2. Open Shared Contacts - seeing other address books.
    Running Outlook 2003 via Citrix. In Contacts Open Shared Address Books. Only see Contacts in main Contacts folder. Have created other folders and Shared via Properties. Users can only see main Contacts folders not other address books. E.g. User has golf club contacts address book and shares with others. PS we are not using Public Folders
  • 3. create a letter from office 2007 contacts like in office 2003
    in office 2003 outlook contacts you could click action then new letter to contact and outlook would puyt the address in a word document automatically. is this not possible in office 2007?
  • 4. Why is 'Show this folder as an e-mail address book' disabled?
    So many controls on dialogs in Office 2007 seem to bo disbled even though I am this machine's only user (and, therefore, I assume that I am a supervisor). The above mentioned control is on the Outlook Address Book tab of the Contacts Properties dialog.

Address Book Customisation

Postby TWFsY29sbSBEb3dlcnM » Thu, 27 Jul 2006 23:00:02 GMT

I am using Outlook 2003.

I am aware that you cannot customise the fields/columns displayed in the 
address book. Does/will Outlook 2007 fix this limitation?

Malcolm Dowers

Re: Address Book Customisation

Postby Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook] » Thu, 27 Jul 2006 23:39:10 GMT


Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP
   Author of Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003
   and Microsoft Outlook Programming - Jumpstart for 
     Administrators, Power Users, and Developers

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