• 1. Highlighting senders in email
    How do I highlight my boss's name in my email, when he sends me an email?
  • 2. vcard help
    When I normally open a contact and select export to vcard. This saves a vcard in a folder. In the contact file I have the contact set up to list the name as first, middle, last and "file as" last, first. I have noticed that when exporting contacts to vcard, sometimes it auto names the file as first, last and sometimes it names the file as last, first. When opening the vcards some names are listed as last, first & some a first, last. What is going on here? Why does it not consistantly name a file one way or the other. Why, after apening a vcard will the name show up as last, first when the contact was set up & listed as first, last?
  • 3. how create contacts from email sent to several people?
    I've received an email that has about 90 recipients. Is there anyway to generate separate contact entries for each recipient?
  • 4. field chooser: deleting fields
    I created new fields in several non-user-field columns (such as Contact fields). But now I can't delete them and I have too many with the same name that don't work. The "delete" button for fields in the Field Chooser is only working with the User Fields. I have scoured the web and Help resources. Nothing. Does anyone know how to delete fields from Field Chooser? Do the fields actually "live" somewhere on the computer? -- Beryl


Postby V2lsbGlhbQ » Fri, 14 Mar 2008 23:07:01 GMT

Outlook 07/Vista

In previous versions of Outlook that I have used, when I right clicked on a 
contact or DL, the menu would give the option "Send new message to contact," 
or "Send as v-card."  In 2007, these options are not available when I right 
click and I have to go to the Actions menu to bring up a new message 
addressed to the contact or DL.  Is there a way to have these options 
available upon right-clicking a contact?


Postby Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook] » Sat, 15 Mar 2008 05:24:45 GMT

They're still there. Try the "Create" flyout.
Russ Valentine

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