Creating and assigning Outlook Tasks to exteranl outlook contacts



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Creating and assigning Outlook Tasks to exteranl outlook contacts

Postby Michael Sandor » Fri, 23 Oct 2009 01:47:01 GMT

I am trying to assign an outlook task to an external user, they are on
their own AD.

They get the task as an email and are unable to save as a task. I
loose messaging back to me of when they complete the task

Me - Outlook 2007, Exchange 2008
Them -  Outlook 2007, Exchange 2003 SP2

RE: Creating and assigning Outlook Tasks to exteranl outlook contacts

Postby U3VlIE1vc2hlciBbTVZQXQ » Fri, 23 Oct 2009 22:56:01 GMT

Maybe one server or the other is not allowing TNEF content to pass through, 
most likely the outbound server. Check with your Exchange administrator. 
Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP
   Author of Microsoft Outlook 2007 Programming:
     Jumpstart for Power Users and Administrators

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What I mean is if you issue the .Assign method then Outlook wants to 
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Private void Do_it (string username, string subject)
	Outlook.TaskItem objTask;
	objTask = 
	objTask.StartDate = DateTime.Now.AddHours (1);
	objTask.DueDate = DateTime.Now.AddHours (4);
	objTask.Subject = subject;
	objTask.Recipients.Add (username);
	objTask.Save ();
	objTask.Send ();

The options
'Keep an updated copy of this task on my task list' and
'Send me a status report when this task is complete'
Both are enabled by default, but I want to turn off 'Send me a status 
report when this task is complete' before
I send the task, just like Outlook does from the default new task form. 
Would be very nice to remove an unnecessary email message.
There does not appear to be a specific option for this, from the help it 
looks like it is calculated from the BCC list but I checked there are no 
BCC recipients before I send it.

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seem to get it to work.  Here is my code...

Private Sub Create_It_Click()
    'Create the Task in Outlook
    On Error GoTo AddAppt_Err
       Dim outobj As Outlook.Application
       Dim outtask As Outlook.TaskItem
       'Dim objApptOccur As TaskItem

       Set outobj = CreateObject("outlook.application")
       Set outtask = outobj.CreateItem(olTaskItem)
       With outtask
            .subject = Me!subject
            .Body = Me!txtBody
            Select Case cmbImportance
                Case "High"
                    .Importance = olImportanceHigh
                Case "Normal"
                    .Importance = olImportanceNormal
                Case "Low"
                    .Importance = olImportanceNormal
            End Select
            .Assign  'This seems to set the task to be assigned
       End With
    ' Release the Outlook object variable.
    Set outobj = Nothing
    Exit Sub

The code creates a task, inputs the subject, body, and importance, and sets 
the task to be assigned.  I just can't seem to automatically put in the 
e-mail address in the "To:" field.  I thought that it might be '.recipients 
= "e-mail address"' but that didn't work.  Any ideas?  Thanks!!!


5.Creating and assigning Outlook tasks from Access

The following code in Access VBA:
Sub Experiment()
   Dim myOlApp As Object
   Dim myItem As Outlook.TaskItem
   Dim myDelegate As Outlook.Recipient
   Set myOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
   Set myItem = myOlApp.CreateItem(olTaskItem)
   Set myDelegate = myItem.Recipients.Add("April LaMonte")
   myItem.Subject = "Prepare Agenda For Meeting"
   myItem.DueDate = #9/20/1997#
End Sub

returns the following error at the "myItem.Assign" line:
Runtime error '-2079309819{84104005}'
The task "" is stored as a file, not as an item in an 
Outlook folder, so the requested action cannot be 




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