creating contact groups



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    I have categories assigned to groups of people. Now I want to be able to make a distribution list from a category. Either that, or I want to be able to add a new contact to an existing distribution list. Anyone know how to do this? Also, I do not have my original Office 2000 disks - anyone know how to get the patches and updates without them? I transferred Office from an old PC using Aloha Bob - I have no idea where my old disks are. HELP!
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  • 5. New message to multiple contacts
    When I have a group of contacts open and I would like to send a new message I right click on the contact and it gives me the option to send a new message. I would like to send this same message to several people in the contacts folder. If I click the "to" button I can bring up the contacts as an address book but these are not sorted in a way to make the selection process easy. Is there a way to get a new message to several people in a contact folder at the same time?

creating contact groups

Postby RWRpZSBXZWludHJhdWI » Thu, 17 Aug 2006 03:12:02 GMT

I am interesting in creating separate contact groups, ie family, friends, 
etc. Does anyone know how to do that? Additionally, i have a blackberry that 
i sync with my contacts and i am only intersted in having friends and family 
contact groups imported to my phone. please advise. thanks!

Re: creating contact groups

Postby Brian Tillman » Thu, 17 Aug 2006 03:36:18 GMT

There's really no such thing as Contact "groups".  I'd use categories were I 
interested in what you appear to want.  As for choosing what to sync, that's 
up to your sync software, not Outlook.
Brian Tillman 

Re: creating contact groups

Postby S2VuIEVudA » Fri, 18 Aug 2006 22:47:01 GMT

You can also create seperate contact folders to classify your contacts by 
group; i.e., a "Family & Friends" folder.  As for syncing with your 
Blackberry, that will depend on the software you use.  Activesync, for 
example, will only sync your primary contact folder.  Even that will work if 
you use the "Contacts" folder for your Family & Friends and put your other 
groups in other contact folders.

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