Outlook: Create "company" as a entity and then link it to "contact



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Outlook: Create "company" as a entity and then link it to "contact

Postby U3F1aWRseQ » Tue, 07 Jun 2005 09:20:01 GMT

When many "contacts" are from the same company it will simplify and 
accelarate the process.  It will also reduce risk of error when typing the 
informations of the company each time !
Also, sometimes we only have the name of a biz (as example a restaurant or 
gouvernement).  So they are thereself an entity.
In this file we should be able to see: name of the company, type of biz, 
field of activity, primary contact, contact list link to this company (with 
name, title, biz phone number and biz e-mail.  Those informations should come 
from the "contact" file), general phone number and 1 800 number, adresses of 
the company, web site, notes.
it could be usefull also to have: end of year date, date of creation, 
company number as federal and pronvincial, taxe number, etc.

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