What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?


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  • 1. Outlook 2007 Crashes - Customize or Contact Phone Number Edit
    I've read that a few users have had this same issue, but I have not read of a permanent fix for it. Every time I try to edit a contact's phone number, Outlook crashes. Similarly, each time I select "Customize" from the drop down menus, Outlook crashes. Does anyone know if there is a fix other than temporarily pausing the telephony service? Thanks, John
  • 2. Add Canonicals in Outlook 2007 when sync
    Using a Palm Treo to sync contact with Outlook 2007. All the contacts sync correctly, but there is no "+" sign added at the front of the country codes of each contacts. Saved with the + sign in the phone, but not shown in the Outlook. Have done the same sync on Outlook 2003, it shows the "+" sign in all contacts automaticly. Is there any settings or patches for this issue? Just want to add the "+" sign in all contacts in the Outlook 2007 when sync with phone. -- -CSK-
  • 3. need to add more than 3 email addresses
    "Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]" wrote: > You would have to add another contact record. Outlook allows only 3 addresses per contact. Is there any way to change this behaviour? I too need to add more than three email fields and was able to do this in Outlook 2000 via the properties dialogue in the email To fields (which is a different view on the contact to the standard view reached via the contacts page). I know this sounds like a vent, but if a junior programmer in my team limits a database in this way I'd want a justification when a design could allow any number of email address (and phone numbers etc). Do MS people read these forums and could someone add this as a feature request for future versions - please put in more email fields, or best, remove the limit. As people get more and more connected I can't think this won't crop up for a significant number of people. I find this dumbing down behaviour frustrating as it was working as I'd want it in Outlook 2000 has been restricted.
  • 4. Outlook2007 Sync Calendars and Contacts w/iPOD 30GB Video ?
    Since using Outlook 2007 I have not been able to synce calendars or contacts with my iPOD 30GB Video. I have looked on Apple and MS and found no answers. Can anyone tell me where my Contacts and Calendar files are? I know .pst files but where are they and how do I get them to my iPOD?
  • 5. Oulook 2003, Can not see contacts in select address dialog box.
    Using Outlook 2003: I imported my contacts from a .CSV file into the contacts folder. All records are there correctly. PROBLEM: When I try send an e-mail the select names dialog window shows that my "Personal Address Book" is empty. My e-mail account shows that I have ONLY ONE address book or directory. It is a Personal Address Book - MAPI. Please help. Thanks

What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?

Postby SGFsY3lvbg » Fri, 16 Mar 2007 17:54:08 GMT

What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?

Re: What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?

Postby Brian Tillman » Fri, 16 Mar 2007 21:59:04 GMT

Brian Tillman

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