What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?


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  • 1. auto update from multiple comuters of contacts
    Is there a way to have Outlook automatically syncronize the contacts from multiple computers? In my case I have a laptop that joins my home network (2 other computers) but I want to know that any changes made at home while I am gone will be made to the laptop and vice versa. Thanks in advance! gt
  • 2. Import from excel to Microsoft Outlook - Qty Restrictions?
    I have Microsoft Outlook and am trying to import from my Excel contacts database (under the same format used by Microsoft Outlook) to my Contacts List. The process is apparently done fine, but at the end, I only get a maximum of 41 records imported. Is there a limit or restriction that applies for this process? If not, what can I do to import the whole database?
  • 3. Import contact info from excel to Outlook 2003 withing XP envrironment
    I have attempted name the columns of contact info in excell with a colunar header that describes the type of informaiton, i.e. phone no, address, person name, etc. When I attempt to import from excel to an Outlook folder, the named ranges show up individualy but the mapping button is not avaialble. Instead, individual check boxes are noted beside each named range. If the import is allowed to complete, each indivual named range is imported, but not integrated together whereby each contact has all its information in one file. Instead, each named range is imported as if a separate contact, i.e. address, phone numbers, names, etc. When I attempt to reset or define the named ranges in excel, a pop up error box citing MAPI error 0x80070057 appears with no options avaialble. The import processing is halted. It appears that I need help in accurately naming the excell data ranges arranged by columns so that importing can proceed. I have now cleard the name of each range in excel via the INSERT - NAMES - DEFINE options. Any help is appreciated.
  • 4. Can't see sub-folders in Outlook Address Book
    Can't seem to find the "show names from the... ___________ (folder name)" dialog box to set up access to the subfolders I have set up under CONTACTS in my Outlook Address book. HELP!!
  • 5. Contacts and rules
    I have made duplicates of my contacts so I can apply rules to address books (move mail to appropriate folders) This appears to work fine for about 90% of my senders but a few still don't move. The email addresses don't change but the from sometimes contains the name with capitals, sometimes without real names like XXXX@XXXXX.COM or XXXX@XXXXX.COM . Also, if there are multiple email addresses for him and/or his wife (like XXXX@XXXXX.COM ) it doesn't work with email2 or email3. Any suggestions? TIA

What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?

Postby SGFsY3lvbg » Fri, 16 Mar 2007 17:54:08 GMT

What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?

Re: What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?

Postby Brian Tillman » Fri, 16 Mar 2007 21:59:04 GMT

Brian Tillman

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