What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?


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  • 1. The Reports that BCM Produces
    I noticed in a report that I produced.. Called Neglected Contacts... When I looked at the form it had the last date contacted... but when u look in the business contact form there is no way to actually set or tell the last time you contacted that contact.. so hwo does outlook where it gets that information from
  • 2. Follow Up Question to Post from 11-20 OL 2003 & BCM
    Did MS create BCM to be used in conjunction with, or in place of OL 2003? At least to start out conceptually, should I think of using OL 2003 for email only and BCM for everything else? I'm sorry to ask such a newby question but I really am confused and want to get off on the right track.
  • 3. Contacts/Distribution List
    Just wiped and reloaded a pc. Outlook 2000. I imported my pst file. It appears everything is working correctly. You can view contacts and distribution list. And see the names in the distributions list.... but When I go to send an e-mail and go to select "TO" and select a distribution list, there are no names there. And cannot send email Again the names appear correct in the contacts folder area though. When I select send I receive error message Ther personal dist. list this message is address to must contain recipients. Add at least one recipient. HELP Thanks
  • 4. Adress book--Contacts
    I just started to use outlook 2003. Until now I used OE. As the address book is used on more than one computer. The data in the .wab was automatically updated and copied with some other data in a briefcase. The .wab is round 210kb the outlook.pst is 2.5Mb. Can i still use the address book data, or, have I got to use the outlook data, or can I extract just tha addresses from the .pst. thanks. fjv
  • 5. Having trouble with the Linking Emails to Contacts in BCM
    I have a bunch of business contacts do i have to manually go to each contact and link all of the emails to each contact.. there isnt a way to do this for everyone as automatic batch process

What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?

Postby SGFsY3lvbg » Fri, 16 Mar 2007 17:54:08 GMT

What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?

Re: What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?

Postby Brian Tillman » Fri, 16 Mar 2007 21:59:04 GMT

Brian Tillman

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