What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?


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  • 1. Outlook BCM on Exchange network with OWA
    I have a client with one user using Outlook BCM on an Exchange 5.5 network. He is using the SBS patch and the registry hack to get BCM to work in the same profile as the Exchange account. It works fine for the most part but the problem is that whenever this user logs into Exchange using OWA and then reconnects to the server normally using Outlook, Outlook removes BCM from the profile (pops up the error that it was removed). BCM can be added back into the profile using the Mail control panel but it is a hassle that the user has to do this after each use of OWA. I know BCM isn't supported or supposed to be used on an Exchange network but has anyone else come across this problem using it with OWA?
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    How do I hide names in a distribution list? I do not want the recipient to know who else is getting the email. When I send to a distribution list, all contacts in that list show up in TO:
  • 3. Force Public Folder Contacts into Address Book
    Hello, We've created a Contact list in the Public Folders on our Exchange 2000 server from Outlook 2000. Most users have either Outlook 2000 or Outlook XP. The users would like the new Public Folder Address Book (called Rep Contacts) to appear when they hit the 'TO' button (to bring up the address books) in a new email. Currently when they hit the 'TO' button it brings up the Global Address List, which is fine, and then they hit the drop down and select the address list they want to use. In order for me to add the new Public Folder called Rep Contacts into that drop down I have to manually visit each machine, open the Public Folders, select Rep Contacts, go into Properties, and check the box that says "Show this folder as an email address book.". That's a lot of work for 74 employees. Is there a way to automate this process? Or would it be easiest to put together an instruction sheet and email that to everyone explaining how to do it on their own? Thanks! Tom
  • 4. Business Contact Manager issues
    I am also having the exact same problem. Did you ever get a fix? Ron >-----Original Message----- >I recently installed Outlook 2003 w/Business Contact >Manager. It was working fine (set up my contact >database, attached emails and files to contacts, etc.) >until yesterday. Suddenly, when I try to open a contact >from my contact list, I get this message: > >"The custom form could not be opened. Outlook will use >an Outlook form instead. The form required to view this >message cannot be displayed. Contact your administrator." > >When I click OK to dismiss the error, I then get this >message: > >"Array index out of bounds." > >A similar error occurs when I try to use any of the >actions (such as "create a new contact for this company"): > >"The form required to view this message cannot be >displayed. Contact your administrator." > >After much searching, I ended up uninstalling, then >reinstalling Outlook and Biz Contact Mgr. Everything >worked fine for half a day, and now it's doing the same >thing. > >Any thoughts? Your help would be greatly appreciated! > >JoAnne >. >

What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?

Postby SGFsY3lvbg » Fri, 16 Mar 2007 17:54:08 GMT

What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?

Re: What is the meaning of MAPIPDL?

Postby Brian Tillman » Fri, 16 Mar 2007 21:59:04 GMT

Brian Tillman

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