Why am I receiving emails as already read?



  • 1. Unable to open attachments in Outlook 2002
    Sure hope you can help.. I am running into the following error when trying to open a word or excel attachment: An error occurred in sending the command to the application. I can save the file to the desktop but I must first launch the application and then select the file from within the application. Any Ideas? Running Outlook 2002 on Win 2K OS
  • 2. Arrange By Sender Question
    Can someone tell me how to arrange emails by sender using an email address instead of a Display Name? Sometimes users change their display name on their mail client because of that and I have multiple groups for them. I would like to show just one group for each sender. If I could figure out how to change the senders display name on emails I get from them, that would help too.
  • 3. Send\Receive - Enter Network Password popup issue
    Can anyone help me? I continually get Enter Network Password popup during automatic and manual sending and recieving. I've checked all my settings and don't understand why this keeps happening. I still am able to send and receive mail but these popups are getting very annoying. I'm using MS Outlook 2003 on and XP professional OS. Thanks, Don
  • 4. Problems with adding stationary.
    Does anyone know how to get stationary downloaded from the interent to work in Outlook2003. I mean it will go into it,but not the full page like it does in regular Outlook Express. And info would be appreciated.Thank you ahead of time....
  • 5. Outlook 2003 Crashes constantly
    Hi to all: I've just installed Outlook 2003 on 2 XP computers and the application crashes constantly, as the person tries to send and email or add attachments the application crashes and the Outlook is closed. All the patches were installed from office website. Any ideas or recommendations on how to solve this problem?? Thanks in advance. Denise

Why am I receiving emails as already read?

Postby aWdrZA » Fri, 19 Nov 2004 00:30:04 GMT

Re: Why am I receiving emails as already read?

Postby Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] » Fri, 19 Nov 2004 00:56:41 GMT

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include full details in the body of the message. Include your version, mode
& SP level of Outlook (help | about) and what kind of mail account you use,
and the exact symptoms you're experiencing.

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