microsoft outlook is more unstable after installing upgrade


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    I have outlook 2003 SP1. Spam Filter UPdate kb873367 does not update. Any ideas?
  • 2. How do I create a standard name that includes all the recipients .
    I want to protect their privacy, but didn't want to use the BCC feature. They are all in the same "category" but that still places each email where they can see who else got it.
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    I have multiple IMAP email accounts, and would like to manage them in Outlook. But the problem is whenever I sent an email, it always put that sent mail to the Outlook built-in folder "Sent Items", but not put it in the folder of IMAP server's "Sent Items". Actually, this is a function of Outlook Express (of WinXP). This is very convinient and important, because many people also need to access their send emails through web interface and other email clients (such as pine on UNIX), however the absence of such function in Outlook prevents people with multiple IMAP accounts to use it. I know it might be feasible to have it by Rules, but it's very hard to do ( I tried many times, it's not that perfect as in Outlook Express 6).
  • 4. Reply to all includes sender
    Sometimes when a user clicks on Reply to All, the sender is included in the To: field. Is there any way to prevent this? Thanks!
  • 5. how to stop blocked access to POTENTIALLY unsafe attachments-
    I am furious. I sent a recipe to myself from a site-and this program is blocking "POTENTIALLY unsafe attachments!" I want this to stop-I have a virus program, ad blockers, pop-up stoppers-and i do not need this program to control anything else!

microsoft outlook is more unstable after installing upgrade

Postby SW5keWNvd2JveQ » Fri, 08 Oct 2004 00:57:01 GMT

Ever since I installed sp3 upgrade, I can't access my Hotmail account. 
Outlook just locks up. Ideas?

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