Seperate Outlook taskbar button from opened email taskbar buttons



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Seperate Outlook taskbar button from opened email taskbar buttons

Postby aWRlYV9tYW4 » Sun, 24 Oct 2004 05:29:04 GMT

When you open Outlook, it gets a taskbar button.  When you open emails, those 
opened emails get grouped together with Outlook.  So if I have 10 open emails 
and finally decide to close things, right now I right-click the Outlook 
taskbar button, hit "Close Group", and then re-open Outlook.  

It would be better if the Outlook taskbar button was seperated from the 
emails opened, then I could just close the grouped emails without 
closing/reopening Outlook.

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If you have the option selected to "Group similar taskbar buttons" and an 
app (let's say IE) has several groupings, sometimes (can't reproduce the 
problem) I can no longer access this grouping.  I click on the IE grouping in 
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    If objItem.Class = olMail Then
      : <do stuff>
    End If
  Next objItem

It works.  But if I have an open Inspector, and part of the Inspector
is positioned behind the Win98 taskbar along the bottom of the screen,
the buttons on the Win98 taskbar flicker as the loop above executes.

All the buttons don't flicker.  The only taskbar buttons that flicker
are the particular ones that the Inspector is positioned behind.  If I
move the Inspector to the left or right, the button flicker follows
the Inspector.  If I move the Inspector up so it is no longer behind
the Win98 taskbar, the button flicker no longer occurs.

The flicker is very noticable when iterating through a large Inbox
containing hundreds or thousands of items.  I can't just remove
DoEvents from my loop, because that causes other problems.

Has anyone run into this?  Any suggestions for how to eliminate the

All I can think of is to abandon using the Outlook Object Model and
use Extended MAPI in a separate thread that runs independently of the
Outlook execution context.  But I'd rather not go down that road
unless there is no other way.



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