Upgrade OL 2002 XP to OL Office 2003 or go to Office 2007 when one



  • 1. Sheduling followup of contacts
    Is there a easy way to schedule follow-up for contacts. In Filemaker Pro I create a field and enter the date and when necessary sort by that field/date. Is it possible in Outlook? Thanks because it is really bugging me
  • 2. Outlook 2000 SR-1 not remembering my email password
    When I look to download email, the box comes up with the server box correctly filled out, my user name correctly inserted, but the password box is always empty. I put the password back in, check the "remember the password" box, and it works from that point on, until I close down Outlook. When re using Outlook from scratch, I have to go thru the same process again. ??? I've been an Outlook user for awhile, and this starting happening recently when my hard drive crapped out on my laptop and I had to reinstall Outlook.
  • 3. Copy of sent message goes to Inbox
    I'm using Outlook 2003 and have two email accounts one of which is Hotmail. Whenever I reply to Hotmail messages through Outlook, a copy of the reply goes into the sent folder AND into the Hotmail Inbox folder. Why is that, and how do I stop that from happening?
  • 4. Opening .pst from CD?
    If I've archived a folder of emails to CD as a .pst file, how can I open them again in Outlook? I tried saving the file to my hard drive, then using 'Open' - 'Outlook Data File' but Outlook tells me "The file C:\...etc. test.pst is not a personal folders file" I have already un-checked the Read Only box in Properties, so its not that. Strangely, the same file can be opened from the computer that I originally exported the .pst to. But after it has been resaved to my hard drive from the CD, it can't be accessed. Please help?

Re: Upgrade OL 2002 XP to OL Office 2003 or go to Office 2007 when one

Postby Roady [MVP] » Fri, 12 Jan 2007 03:06:13 GMT

You might want to put the subject in the body with your next post and post a 
shorter subject ;-)

What problems are you refering to? Which ones apply to you? There are some 
performance issues for some specific configurations but most of these issues 
can be resolved by reconfiguration. Other issues are that some add-ins by 
3rd party vendors, that you might use daily, haven't been updated to be 
compatible with Outlook 2007 yet.

Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]
Coauthor, Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003
Outlook FAQ, HowTo, Downloads, Add-Ins and more


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to go back to Ol 2002.
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(using F9). Bug?
2. Ol 2003 often crashes when I close it
3. Where is the shortcut bar? In Ol XP I could display my outlook shortcuts
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5. I have to change for each folder manually the view, because redefining
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6. displaying an email thread (like in Outlook Express) still not possible.
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And the search window is always top most. That is not usable, too.
9. The design: it is a mixture of the old and a new style, but it is not
really a good design. The elements itself are good, but the mixture is a
little mess: old buttons, scrollbars in the dialogs, new buttons in the
toolbar. old list header in dialog boxes. new (or what ever) list header in
the mail view.
10. changing the view seems to be slower.
11. I did not succed to get rid of the Outlook tray icon(s).

and where are real the improvements?
the junk email is one and the icons look smarter,
I can store pictures in the contacts (well this was possibel in Ol XP as
The calender view has been improved.


2.Upgrade to OL 2002 from Office-XP cant' open .PST FILE

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