Migrate .pst from outlook 2000 on old PC to outlook 2007 on new PC



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Migrate .pst from outlook 2000 on old PC to outlook 2007 on new PC

Postby SmltIE0 » Thu, 20 Dec 2007 13:01:02 GMT

I have outlook 2000 installed on old PC; bought a new PC and am about to 
install outlook 2007.  How can I preserve or migrate contacts, mailbox, etc. 
from old to new PC?  

Re: Migrate .pst from outlook 2000 on old PC to outlook 2007 on new PC

Postby Pat Willener » Thu, 20 Dec 2007 16:52:49 GMT

Use any method to copy the old PST file from the old PC (while Outlook 
is closed!) to the new PC, then open it with Outlook. Make sure that the 
read-only attribute is not set when using a read-only media to transfer 
the file.

Do not use Export or Import in the process of migrating.

Re: Migrate .pst from outlook 2000 on old PC to outlook 2007 on new PC

Postby DL » Thu, 20 Dec 2007 19:13:17 GMT

And do not overwrite any pst file in the copy process

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To back up address book from old pc:
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3. Browse to your desired location and type a name for the exported file. 
The file extension should remain CSV.

To restore address book on new pc:
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3. Browse to locate the previously saved CSV file.

To back up mail folders and content from old pc:
1. Click Options on the Tools menu.
2. On the Maintenance tab, click the Store Folder button.
3. Press the TAB key to highlight the store folder path, then press CTRL+C 
to copy it to the clipboard.
4. Close Outlook Express.
5. Click Run on the Start menu.
6. Press CTRL+V to paste the store folder path, and then click OK.
7. Copy all mail folder DBX files as well as the Folders.DBX file to your 
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