Update: New Mail Notice Issue w/ XP (SP1 & SP2) and Outlook (2000 & XP)


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  • 1. Re-importing my folders and Recieved Email
    I am having to re-install the software on my laptop and want to know if there is a way of importing my own created folders and Email received in outlook Express 6. I have Addresses and email I want to keep. I have tried and been sucessful in down loading them to a CD but when I try to put them back into Outlook they do not appear in the pane where they should be. Help!! -- Eddie
  • 2. what is maximum size of personal folder?
    My question is what is the maximum size of personal folder in outlook 2003 can reached? because i got an error while my personal folder is approx. 19 GB.
  • 3. Sending e-mail to groups
    How do I send an e-mail to a group of receipients, but each receipient only sees their e-mail address, not the addresses of other members of the group?
  • 4. Recording time spent in outlook
    Is there a way of using the advance search to find any Calendar and note items with a particular category? Also is there a way to caluclate the total time spent on this category? Work want me to categorise each Appointmen/meeting and tasks so I can show how much time is spent on each. I know I need ACT! but I only have Outlook, so any idea would be great. Thanks
  • 5. Outlook 2000 hangs when inserting attachments
    Anyone heard of this problem? Outlook 2000 intermittently hangs when inserting attachments from the file open dialog when searching network drives. It only happens in a particular folder on a windows 2000 server share. It's got some 121 folders in the location and, if OL decides to hang, will do so at the same point each time - as if Outlook is trying to refresh the screen just before you go and choose your file to insert. This is the same version of Oulook on all other machines in the business and no others appear to have this problem. It's been reinstalled etc. etc. No other network shares are a problem. Local drives do not cause the problem. I can't see it being a corrupt file/folder - it's too random. It happens about 1 time in 3 on average. There just doesn't seem to be a consistent pattern that I can find! Thanks,

Update: Re: New Mail Notice Issue w/ XP (SP1 & SP2) and Outlook (2000 & XP)

Postby Tony Scarola » Wed, 16 Feb 2005 04:26:09 GMT


We added the following to the registry covering Outlook 2000 and XP on the 
effected machines (following Microsoft's related Technet Article see 
 http://www.**--****.com/ ;en-us;839226) and all 
seems to be okay:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00







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1.New Mail Notice Issue w/ XP (SP1 & SP2) and Outlook (2000 & XP)

We are experiencing the following issue, similar to one that was reported 
here by Jeff ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM ) on 12/30/04. Here are the details:

Messages do not appear in Outlook inbox right away. There is a delay. 
Sometimes if the user clicks another message open or highlights a folder, 
all the new mail will appear in the inbox.

1. Remote office w/ less than 50 users, connected via full point-to-point 
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2. Workstations are XP with SP1 as well as XP with SP2 installed, firewall 
disabled via registry settings in login script:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




3. Exchange server is 5.5, Outlook 2000 and 2002 (XP), do not have 2003.

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4.Office 2003 Using XP Updates (SP1, SP2, etc.)???

Hello All,

I'm a little concerned here.  Immediately after upgrading to Office
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5.Office XP SP1 and SP2 Updates always ask to accept EULA

Hi, Jarrod,

You don't mention what operating system you're using; did you try to log in
as the administrator and accept the EULA?

Susan Ramlet
MVP - Microsoft Office
Please post replies to the newsgroup where all may benefit.

"Jarrod Lash" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news:05f001c34654$9975b090$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> I just loaded up SP1 and SP2 and they installed just fine
> but whenever I open up a Office Program it asks me to
> accept the EULA.
> This happens everytime a I start an office program and I
> have rebooted and everything to no avail.  I hit accept
> everytime to get into the program.
> It is really annoying and what is even worse is that I
> dont see anyway to remove the service packs to therefore
> remove the EULA message.

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