HTML dowanloaded OK but NOT CORRECTLY shown if no internet connect


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HTML dowanloaded OK but NOT CORRECTLY shown if no internet connect

Postby Q2VzYXJpbiBQaW5ndWlu » Thu, 14 May 2009 20:36:02 GMT

Guys, i know you have heard it before but please, believe me, i have spent 
over 4 or 5 hours googling this, searching everywhere with no look whatsoever.

This is my setup, i checked all settings so i am not stopping MSOutlook to 
download pictures etc ... i also have a rule that moves my messages from 
mailbox to an archive PST file - but that cannot be my problem either since 
it's never been in the past -

This is my problem: MSOutlook downloads the messages w/o a problem an shows 
HTML emails w/o a problem ... but all good stuff ends there, if i unplug my 
internet connection, then i won't see the HTML messages correctly displayed, 
i will see the message but not the pictures within the message.

Also, - and this could be related to the problem i described above - if i 
move on a check other messages, when i come back, say for example, to the 
first HTML message i saw a minute ago, MSOutlook connects to the internet in 
order to display the HTML message correctly despite that the message seem to 
have been downloaded properly in the first place.

Please help.

I'd thank you in advance for the assistance you can provide me.

Regards, Cesar.

Re: HTML dowanloaded OK but NOT CORRECTLY shown if no internet connect

Postby Bob I » Thu, 14 May 2009 22:03:16 GMT

The "pictures" in HTML e-mail reside on the internet, if you remove the 
connection then they will no longer be viewable.

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This is a brand new issue to me ... Thank you.

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