Outlook 2003 Out of Office replies - limit to in-organization


RE: Outlook 2003 Out of Office replies - limit to in-organization

Postby dGVjaF9sYWR5 » Wed, 30 Jul 2008 05:33:35 GMT

The "Rules" option within the Out of Office Assistant seems to be more 
limited than the Rules and Alerts for the whole mailbox and I don't see your 
suggestion as an option.

Rules options are:

FROM: (which I would have to choose all the users in the GAL)

and you must select an action:

Alert with...
Move to...
Copy to...
Reply with template...
or Custom... (but no instruction in given on how to use this option)

If this is possible with the rules option and the Out of Office Assistant, 
I'd really like to use it, but I need guidance.  Thanks for replying.
Replies are MUCH appreciated!

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