Outlook 2007 won't start, message, can't start microsoft offic



  • 1. Unable to receive email
    Unfortunately, I let my personal outlook 2003 email get over 1,000. I deleted those 1,000 or so emails but now I still cannot receive email. Should I uninstall and reinstall office 2003? Any help is greatly appreciated
  • 2. I need different signatures for different profiles
    I have a personal email address and an email address I use for business. I would like to have two seperate signatures on each with seperate contact info, email address, phone number etc. How do you do this? Each time I go into each, my personal or business email outlook inboxes, and try to change the signature, it appears the same in both of my email accounts.
  • 3. Outlook saved passwords
    New to Windows 7 and running Outlook 2003. Even when checking the box to safe passwords on email Outlook does not. It worked fine on Windows XP. How do I get the program to save my password? Thanks
  • 4. Can not Open Outlook 2007
    When I leave my computer running, (with or without programs running) and I return, I can not open Outlook 2007. I am running XP with Office 2007. If I do a total reboot of the computer, I can then open Outlook but I get a prompt that says that Outlook was not properly closed and I should operate with Outlook in "safe mode". Any solutions out there? Thanks
  • 5. HEader row that remains after grouping
    Hello, In Outlook 2007: When I group items in inbox by a particular column and then after a while ungroup it; somehow a header row titled "Drag a column header to group by that column" annoyingly stays there. How can I get rid of this header row? Thank you

Re: Outlook 2007 won't start, message, can't start microsoft offic

Postby VG9ueSBXeWJyb3c » Wed, 14 Apr 2010 21:19:01 GMT

Thank you very much Diane. Will this keep happening?

Re: Outlook 2007 won't start, message, can't start microsoft offic

Postby TWlrZSBTLg » Fri, 21 May 2010 06:05:01 GMT

This didn't work for me.  Is there a new problem?

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