can't read all messages in reading pane



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    I have my options set up so that when someone requests a read receipt, Outlook 2000 prompts me decide whether or not to do so. When I answer yes, however, the email notification never goes out and sits in my outbox. I get an error message that it could not be delivered. Any thoughts as to why this happens? Bob

can't read all messages in reading pane

Postby Q1JNYXJr » Sun, 17 Jun 2007 10:21:00 GMT

Having issues with some emails in new outlook 2007. On some mail I am not 
able to see content of message in reading pane. If there are links included 
in the message I can see them. If I forward these messages to another machine 
with older version of outlook I can read them.

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1.Can't read mail in reading pane of outlook 2007 if not in safe mode

Hi all!
I have a problem since I installed the outlook 2007 beta 2. I receive mail 
as nice as possible, but when I want to read it, there is only the title, 
from whom and to whom data in reading pane. The mesage is, let's say 
"invisible" :)
Anyone have the same prob?

When I start outlook 2007 in safe mode, everything works OK. The only prob 
with safe mode is, that you always have to set the reading pane on and hide 
the big buttons....

We'll if anyone has a solution...I haven't find it...

In the next week I will reinstall the system and see... maybe, just maybe I 
will get a mirale :)

2.unable to read message in reading pane

System environment: Win XP Pro + Outlook 2003

Problem: Outlook 2003 can only function normally for 30 min or so.  After 
that, the reading pane grays out with a line reading "This item cannot be 
displayed in the Reading Pane.  Open the item to read its contents."  Upon 
double clicking the email headers, an error message reads: "Can't open this 
item.  Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and 
try again."

There were no other open windows or programs.  I read somewhere that PGP 
9.02 was the cause of this.  I uninstalled PGP and even manually deleted all 
PGP entries in the registry using regedit.  The problem is still there.  The 
only way to make outlook to work again is to reboot the computer, then it 
will work normally for another 30 min or so.  It seems that there is a memory 
leak somewhere with outlook 2003.

Please help.  Thanks!

3.Outlook2003: Can't see message content in reading pane or when ope

Just recently, my Outlook 2003 (11.5608.8202) client lost the ability to 
display message text in the preview pane. Similarly, when I open the message, 
the text is not displayed. To read the message, I have to forward or reply to 
it. This is a difficult situation to be in. 

I am running XP and Office 2003 Professional. I have deinstalled and 
reinstalled to no avail. I suspect that this may be a DLL issue and that 
there may have been issues with windows update misapplying a patch. Any 

4.Reading pane is turned on but is blank--can't see message

I'm running Outlook 2007.  Has been working fine.  Today I turned it on and 
the preview pane remains blank--it does not show text of highlighted mail 
messages any longer.  Can't seem to find what to do from the help menu.

5.can't open message in reading pane (or by double-clicking)

I'm using the same PST datastores from two different machines: the actual 
files are stored on my desktop and accessed with Outlook 2003 (v. 
11.5608.5606 with WinXP SP2). I am also accessing them remotely from my 
laptop on a home network (of course, not at the same time).

Recently, however, even though I can open Outlook on my desktop, I can't see 
any messages in the Reading pane where the following message is displayed:

"This item cannot be displayed in the Reading Pane. Open the item to read 
its contents."

Unfortunately, that doesn't help, because when I try to open a message, I 
get the following error dialog box:

"Can't open this item. Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows 
or programs and try again."

My desktop has 1GB of Ram (and plenty of HD space on the drive where the PST 
files and temp folder are located), so I know that this can't be the 
problem. And, strangely enough, I can access the file just fine on my 
laptop. I can preview them in the Reading Pane and open them, etc...

I've followed some suggestions from other post responses: compacting the pst 
(which I couldn't do on the desktop, because it simply failed to show the 
'Properties' dialog box, when I requested it. But I was able to Compact it 
from my laptop); deleted the items in the deleted messages folder; ran 
scanpst and though it did fix some errors, it still isn't working...

I found a website mentioning a problem with the PGP plug-in describing it as 
giving these symptoms, but a) I don't have PGP installed, and b) I can't get 
at the place in Tools->Options to try to disable the Add-ins, because of the 
"Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try 
again" problems... also, the Send/Receive doesn't work (though it used to 
when this problem first surfaced).

Finally, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but that didn't help.

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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