HTML dowanloaded OK but NOT CORRECTLY shown if no internet con


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Re: HTML dowanloaded OK but NOT CORRECTLY shown if no internet con

Postby Q2VzYXJpbiBQaW5ndWlu » Thu, 14 May 2009 22:29:01 GMT

Thank you Rob. I knew that. What my point is, i used to - with every single 
message received through Outlook2007 and then archived into my local PST - 
used to be able to even see the messages offline (no internet connection) - 
This is a brand new issue to me ... Thank you.

Re: HTML dowanloaded OK but NOT CORRECTLY shown if no internet con

Postby Bob I » Thu, 14 May 2009 23:17:58 GMT

Are you setting Outlook to work offline? Maybe that is what you changed 
to Online?

Re: HTML dowanloaded OK but NOT CORRECTLY shown if no internet con

Postby Q2VzYXJpbiBQaW5ndWlu » Fri, 15 May 2009 00:10:01 GMT

Thank you, i have tried that. In either mode, once you don't have internet 
connection, it does not show the HTML message correctly, and that's the issue 
... i used to see them off and online and with or without an internet 
Anyone from Microsoft here to assist me ... please? 

Re: HTML dowanloaded OK but NOT CORRECTLY shown if no internet con

Postby Bob I » Fri, 15 May 2009 00:18:01 GMT

Sorry, this is just a public user to user newsgroup that Microsoft hosts 
on their servers. If you want someone from Microsoft to help you, you 
will need to contact them.

Re: HTML dowanloaded OK but NOT CORRECTLY shown if no internet con

Postby Q2VzYXJpbiBQaW5ndWlu » Fri, 15 May 2009 17:56:01 GMT

Bob, I appreciate your help, please don't get me wrong.
I re-phrase my question .... when you surf using the browser the browser 
downloads pages and with them the pictures attached to the page so it can be 
displayed properly when off line.
Does it not happen the same with emails downloaded by Outlook? Or rather is 
there any way to dowanload the messages and images embedded and attached and 
all that so they can be fully seen while there's no internet connection?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards

Re: HTML dowanloaded OK but NOT CORRECTLY shown if no internet con

Postby Bob I » Fri, 15 May 2009 22:35:38 GMT

Normally things are stashed in the Temporary Internet Files folder. But 
if there is something interfering with that process then you get the 
behavior you see. Does Internet Explorer work offline? Or perhaps you 
have some anti-virus e-mail scanner installed? If so remove the e-mail 
scanning part of the anti-virus, and also clear the Temporary Internet 
Files Folder in Control Panel, Internet Options.

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