Move OL 2002 pst files on XP pro To OL 2007 running vista business



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    By reviewing the posts in the forum, it appears that there are many problems surrounding Outlook 2003 and the AUto-archiving function. Here's one more: I am the Sr. Server Admin for a hospital. We're currently running Exchange 5.5. I have been running Outlook 2003 on a Windows 2000 Pro workstation without problems for quite some time. I recently built a new XP Pro (SP2) workstation w/Outlook 2003 in anticipation of upgrading our AD to 2003. When Archiving is initiated, the status bar in Outlook shows that archiving has started, then then it prompted stops and goes away without generating any kind of error. No errors are shown in the event logs either. If I bring up my old Windows 2000 workstation and run archiving - it all runs normally and all folders designated for archiving are emptied of email that has met the archiving dates set for that folder. I originally thought the problem might be that the .pst folders were all on a network share so I moved them all down to a local drive and reconfigured archiving parameters on each folder to reflect the new path to the .pst file. It still will not work. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you. The autoarchiving function on the XP workstation running Outlook 2003 refuses to run either via a scheduled activity or when run manually.

Move OL 2002 pst files on XP pro To OL 2007 running vista business

Postby QW5keQ » Sat, 02 Feb 2008 15:24:00 GMT

I have copied the pst files from my XP to an external drive and copied to the 
Vista machine but I cant locate them when try to browes.  Where exactly 
should I have copied then to on the Vista machine? I have the how to details 
on this but the loctaion as mentioned on the how to sheet for vista is not 
there on my laptop. I'm ok to \users\username\ then \appData etc is not shown 
on my laptop. I'm not Techy should I have exported and imported? Sorry if I'm 
being thick here!! I need very simple steps please.
Ian D Anderson

Re: Move OL 2002 pst files on XP pro To OL 2007 running vista business

Postby Roady [MVP] » Sat, 02 Feb 2008 18:08:10 GMT

You can place the pst-file wherever you want as long as you don't overwrite 
any existing ones in the process. I recommend Documents\Outlook (create that 
folder). Then in Outlook connect to it by File-> Open Outlook Data File...

Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]
Coauthor, Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003
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