need help with the "store folder"



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need help with the "store folder"

Postby Guillermo » Wed, 08 Sep 2004 00:42:26 GMT

I was cleaning up my messages from the Options - 
Maintenance window and I stupidly changed the folder where 
my messages are stored.  Can someone tell me what the 
default setting is?  

If you have Outlook 6, you can view the default file name 
by going to Options, Maintenance, and then clicking 
on "store folder" 

Appreciate your help, 

Re: need help with the "store folder"

Postby Lanwench [MVP - Exchange] » Wed, 08 Sep 2004 01:04:06 GMT

If you changed the folder, the default settings don't matter. Is OE not
opening? You can move the store folder wherever you like (on your computer's
local drive/s).

This is a group to support Outlook from the Office group of programs.
Outlook Express is a part of Internet Explorer and is a quite different
program, despite its similar name..

You will probably get a faster and more expert answer if you post this to an
Outlook Express news group.

Try posting in one of these newsgroups: for OE 5.x for OE 5.5x for OE 6.x
microsoft.public.internet.outlookexpress.mac for OE for Macintosh

If those groups aren't carried on the news server that's carrying this group
try using (MS's public news server that's the source
for all the microsoft.public newsgroups).

If you're accessing the Microsoft newsgroups through the MS Product Support
Services Community Newsgroups  web interface, click
to get to the Internet Explorer groups, then click the plus sign next to
your version of IE to see the link to the Outlook Express group for that
version number.

A good website for information on OE is:

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Copy and paste the following function directly into MS Outlook VB

Function ReadItemsInFolder()

    Dim olNms As NameSpace
    Dim olFdr As MAPIFolder
    Dim olMItem As MailItem
    Dim obj As Object
    Dim strBody As String

    Set olNms = GetNamespace("MAPI")
    Set olFdr = olNms.PickFolder

    For Each obj In olFdr.Items
        'Folders can contain many different item types so you need to
assign each item to
        'a generic object then check the class for the item(s) you want
        If obj.Class = olMail Then      'Picks only the mail items
            Set olMItem = obj
            strBody = olMItem.Body
            'strBody now contains the message body text.  Parse this
variable into your other source (csv, access etc)
        End If

    Set olMItem = Nothing
    Set obj = Nothing
    Set olFdr = Nothing
    Set olNms = Nothing

End Function

If the VB module is in MS Access, you should:
- Add the Outlook Libarary as a reference
- Precede each Outlook object with Outlook. in the declaration section
- Create an Application object

For instance, replace the appropriate lines in the above function with
the following:

    Dim olApp as New Outlook.Application          'New line
    Dim olNms As Outlook.NameSpace
    Dim olFdr As Outlook.MAPIFolder
    Dim olMItem as Outlook.MailItem

    Set olNms = olApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")

Good luck!

Greg J
lwoods wrote:
> I am using Outlook 2003.
> I want to access a group of emails that are in an Outlook folder.  I will be
> parsing the contents of the email and either writing them out to a csv file,
> or into an Access database.
> Can someone either (1) give me an idea how to do this, or (2) point me to a
> site where I can get some help?
> TIA,
> Larry Woods

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