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HotSync with Treo 650

Postby RG9uIENhbWVyb24 » Wed, 08 Feb 2006 06:26:34 GMT

All of a sudden I can not sync with Outlook 2003 with my Treo 650.I have not 
had a problem for the 3 months I have had the Treo 650. It will sync with the 
Palm Desktop. I uninstalled the Outlook and reinstalled it. The problem still 

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1.Outlook Treo 650 Palm HotSync OLERR lookup table

Where do I get advice on what these Outlook to Palm synchronize errors
Are they indicating errors in Outlook (which works) or the PDA (which
won't sync)?

HotSync operation started for donna on 12/21/05 19:54:07
Outlook Calendar
- Recovery Sync
Outlook Calendar synchronization failed

These were cut directly out of the PalmSource Outlook conduit HotSync
6.0.1 file:

The really frustrating thing about these messages is the hotsync used
to work on this new Verizon Treo650 Palm PDA cellphone and then stopped
all of a sudden. No matter how many times I reboot the Windows XP PC,
the PalmSource HotSync Manager 6.0.1 has been failing for more than a
week with these cryptic error codes above.

Is there a lookup table for these error codes?
Are they indicating Outlook errors (Outlook seems to work just fine) or
errors in the Palm PDA (which seems to work fine also)? It's just the
synchronization between the two that is failing. Contacts synchronize
just fine via the Treo 650 USB cable but the Outlook Calendar fails
every time (it used to work and I don't remember changing anything to
break it).

When I googled, I found someone suggested deleting the entire Outlook
profiles directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application
which didn't seem to solve the problem at all (I think I got even more
error codes when I pressed the HotSync button on the Treo 650 USB cable
but I don't remember because I didn't save the original set before
deleting the profiles directory).

The Outlook profiles directory reappeared with Outlook 2003 (which
seems to work fine throughout),  and it re-created the following files:
donna_Outlook_profile.FAV 26 KB
donna_Outlook_profile.NK2 0KB
donna_Outlook_profile.srs 3KB

Do you know what these Outlook conduit Palm syncronize errors mean?

Donna D.



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