Outlook 2003 .PST Password Protect Non-Functional



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Outlook 2003 .PST Password Protect Non-Functional

Postby U3RldmVuIFNhbGVtaQ » Fri, 22 Jul 2005 22:54:08 GMT

Hello, I have Outlook 2003 and although my .pst file is password protected, 
one day the protection just stopped working.  I have tried turning it off and 
back on again, changing the password, you name it, but when you launch 
outlook it just goes right in.  It used to ask me the password and if I 
didn't type it in, I couldn't access the .pst.  Now it goes right in without 
stopping to ask me the password.  Has anyone seen this behavior?  I ran a 
detect and repair, no help!

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not an upgrade on top of 2000.

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to try them, provided of course i can understand them....lol....i am not an 
experienced user here...

thanks a lot..


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