bandwidth requirements for Outlook



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    Why does Outlook move to the end of the programs on the start bar when I select print preview? Is there any way to prevent this?
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    We have a shared outlook email account accessed by 8 users. When two users try to move or read an item from the shared account at the same time they can do this. Thus, they both work on the same email and dulicate this work. I need to be-able to lock the email or mark it unread as soon as the initial user opens or moves it, for example, if two users try to move the email into thier personal email account the email will only move for the user that moved/opened the item first.
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    Hi.. This is on Outlook 2000 with Exchange 5.5 I'm helping a user with this. When he sends a message and he puts his name in the CC field, he doesn't get the message back. It is in the Sent Items folder though. I checked the rules in Outlook and I didn't find anything. I gave myself rights on his mailbox (Permissions in Exchange) I logged in on his mailbox from my machine (I'm running Outlook XP) and I'm getting the same problem. Is there something I'm missing somewhere?? Help would be appreciated. Thanks -VolksDude
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    I lost a weeks worth of emails when backing up my data file and now I cannot open the pst. data file. I am told to check the microsoft website (useless) or select a program to open the file - none of which work. Does anyone know how I can retrieve the lost emails or at least get into the pst. file to see if they are in there? Thanks, Katie

bandwidth requirements for Outlook

Postby YWxld2lz » Wed, 10 Nov 2004 04:33:04 GMT

I am trying to determine bandwidth requirements for Outlook connecting to a 
centralized exchange server on a Frame Relay WAN.  I will be utilizing the 
shared calendar functionality of exchange.  Can someone point me in the right 


bandwidth requirements for Outlook

Postby Chuck Davis » Wed, 10 Nov 2004 05:06:59 GMT

Outlook connecting to a 
be utilizing the 
point me in the right 
The application Microsoft Office Outlook has no bandwidth
requirements. Only the person waiting for messages to come
and go has the requirements. It will work on the slowest
dial up Internet connnection.

RE: bandwidth requirements for Outlook

Postby YWxld2lz » Wed, 10 Nov 2004 05:36:02 GMT


I am trying to determine how much bandwidth Outlook will use when connected 
to a centralized Exhcnage via Frame Relay network.  Since I am using the 
calendar function, I need to determine how ofetn the outlook/exhange sends a 
keep-alive and when it does how mauch bandwidth it requires.  I am looking at 
a DS0 (56K) connection with a 16K CIR.  So ultimately, I need to know how 
many people this configuration will support.  I know the bandwidth 
requiremtns for my other applications just not exchage and outlook.  Any 

RE: bandwidth requirements for Outlook

Postby Chuck Davis » Wed, 10 Nov 2004 05:54:19 GMT

use when connected 
I am using the 
outlook/exhange sends a 
requires.  I am looking at 
need to know how 
outlook.  Any 

If there is little activity, there should be no problem. If
hundreds are continually updating calendars each hour,
probably! It's really a matter of usage.

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