Outlook Downloading mail Even when not Running on Destop


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Re: Outlook Downloading mail Even when not Running on Destop

Postby Paul R » Sat, 23 Sep 2006 00:41:33 GMT

Thanks for the info. When I now  close Outlook using the task magager it 
doesn't hang any more. Today however I'm back with my original problem. If I 
don't close with task manager I'm again getting errors trying to retrieve my 
messages. I guess I better post my original problem back on the Newsgroup. 
The first time of posting I didn't get any solutions. Anyway thanks.


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For six months I weas having a different problem downloading my Emails, The 
only way to connect to the server was to close Outlook using the Task 
Manager first. When I put Outlook back on the desktop after closing it with 
the Task Manager it worked. Closing the program in the traditional way by 
using the X on the window resulted in Errtor Messages when attempting to 
connect to server.

 This problem disappeared quite suddendly two days ago but was replaced by 
this new problem.

I don't want my computer retrieving messages while I'm away from my home 
because I use a Treo to download during the day and Outlook is programed to 
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I had a weird experience that maybe someone can explain. Before I left
for work two days ago I read my email and closed Outlook (I know I
did--I double checked). At work later on I checked my email via webmail
and the inbox was empty-- unusual. When I went home I opened Outlook
and found many unread emails that had come in during the day, arriving
well after I had closed Outlook and left home. How is it possible that
Outlook can download mail even if it is closed?

I was so sure that it must have been an error on my part that today I
triple checked that I'd definitely closed Outlook, and when I got home
the same thing happened. I even asked my husband, an I.T. person, to
witness that Outlook was indeed closed and not running in the
background somehow. He didn't understand it either, though he said
maybe it had something to do with MAPI (?) but couldn't say how or
what. This is a new phenomenon--three days ago I was able to read email
fine via webmail when Outlook was closed at home.

I have since changed my account settings to leave mail on the server,
but I am still curious about how this could happen in the first place.
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